Eyeshadow Color Guide

Trying to find the perfect shade to make your eyes pop?  Eye color isn’t the last word in which eyeshadow to use— your skin tone will certainly impact what you pull off and the choice between matte looks and sparklier shades are based on personal style, not hue. With that said, however, there’s a reason that eye-color based palettes have hit the shelves recently.

These designer palettes usually feature both a contrasting color as well as a complementing one. Once you learn a little color theory, you can skip the palettes, save your money, and make your eyes pop at home with these basic color matching tips!


Black Eyes: Golds and yellow tones will make your eyes look brighter, and purples look good on everybody. As somebody with dark eyes, you probably already know that black goes with everything! Experiment to find what goes with your skin tone and hair color. Don’t be afraid to be bright or sparkly – you have eyes that are unlimited!

Green Eyes: Your contrasting color here is red, so at night try a burgundy and during the day, try pink and rose tones. Golds and purples are other warm options that will add a little color parallel and make you eyes pop.

Hazel Eyes: Like green-eyed girls, you’ll look amazing in purple or golds. You can also use some green with your brown neutrals to make the color really stand out.

Brown Eyes: Neutrals for you are more than just neutral— taupes and browns will bring out your natural shade. Maybe try a smokey look that combines a flattering pink with chocolate brown. Grey, Silver, and grayish purples will all look flattering for a sexier look.

Blue Eyes: Your light eyes look super dramatic with dark eyeshadows, you lucky girl! And you can bring our blue tones with any blue-based eyeshadow. Coral, peach, and brown eyeshadows with red in them contrast your eye color and can also warm up your look.

What’s your favorite go-to shadow for your eye color? Do you like to match or contrast your shade? Have you ever tried one of the pre-packaged eye color palettes? Let us know what you think!


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Olympic-Inspired Fashion Roundup

Have you all been loving the Olympics as much as I have?  I rarely feel this patriotic or as excited by sports, but I absolutely adore watching talented athletes come together and compete.

If you’re excited by the games, too, here are some fun ways to show off your USA pride without being too over-the-top.

Rock patriotic nails, like this cute stars and stripes version.

Go for the gold when you wear bangles and other accessories in warm metallic hues.

Or keep it simple with a striped dress in red or navy.

Are you a big fan of the Olympics? How do you show off your team USA pride?  Like any of my ideas, above?  Share in the comments!


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Have a Cheerful Weekend (Go, Giants!)

Happy Friday!  What are you up to?  Travis and I are starting our move!  I can’t believe it’s really happening— it all fell into place so quickly.  We’re super excited to have more space and hopefully settle into this new apartment long-term.  (This is our FIFTH apartment in FOUR years… too much moving!)

My family is coming up to the city to help, and we’re also going to a Giants-Dodgers game while they’re visiting.  It’s going to be a whirlwind!  (I hope we have time to watch the start of the Olympics!)

So, before the craziness kicks in, let’s peruse these fun links from around the web…

Cool patchwork quilt.

Trav and I want to make cinnamon roll pancakes this weekend!

Drugstore alternatives to pricey makeup.

Sometimes judging a book by its cover can be hilarious :)

100 jaw-dropping lipstick looks!

Love this eco-chic wedding

A video to get you pumped for London 2012!

Creative tattoos— I love the ampersand.

Dip dyed wrap dress.

Five maxi skirt sewing tutorials!

And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

DIY heart garland.

Short hairstyle inspiration…

Backyard havens.

What are you up to this weekend?  Are you a busy bee or will you be laying low?  Will you be tuning into the opening ceremonies for the Olympics tonight?  Got any fun links of your own to share?


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Covering Up Doesn’t Have To Be Cakey

When I worked in the makeup industry, the biggest concern I heard from women who wanted new concealer or foundation was, “I don’t want it to look cakey.”

Well, duh! No one wants to have foundation or concealer actually visible on their face— the whole point of these products is to smooth out and even one’s complexion.

Somehow the phrases “full coverage” and “cakey” have become synonymous in the beauty world, but with the right foundation and concealer, you can get full-coverage benefits without a side of cake!


We all have varying skin concerns and imperfections, and luckily there are actually some foundations and concealers (and even a powder) that provide great coverage without looking like you’re wearing heavy theatre make-up.

Power to the powder

If you’re spending time in the heat or don’t want to use liquid foundation, opt for Cover FX’s Powder FC Mineral Powder Foundation. It’s the most full-coverage powder sold at Sephora, despite it being mineral-based. It works best with a brush like Sephora’s Pro Flawless Airbrush. You’ll find that it covers up imperfections and evens out skin tone pretty well. Use it over a BB cream or tinted moisturizer for a bit of extra coverage or just dab concealer over it where needed and voilá!

Concealing anything and everything

If you need to cover up a stubborn blemish or evidence of a late night, turn to Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer. It’s waterproof, plus it doubles as an eyeshadow primer. This is heavy duty concealer at its best— without actually feeling heavy.

If you prefer an easy-to-use stick concealer, try Hourglass’ Hidden Corrective Concealer. It’s packed with hydrating vitamin E and blends in extremely well with the skin. You can use this first, then dab on the Make Up For Ever concealer for extra staying power and darkness correction.

Foundation: full on coverage, light on weight

While there are definitely beauty items you can buy on the cheap, foundation is a worthwhile investment. Think about it: this stuff sits on your face all day (and sometimes all night!) and can be the difference between a long-lasting, fresh-faced look and residual patches of leftover foundation after a few hours of wear.

Try Guerlain’s new Invisible Skin Fusion Foundation. True to its word, it’s invisible and silky smooth. It covered up post-acne redness and under eye circles so much that I only needed a hint of concealer.

Another great full coverage formula that feels weightless is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation. It has up to twelve hours of wear and adjusts to your skin type, either hydrating or minimizing oil.

Bottom line: Good coverage doesn’t equal heavy, so don’t shy away from products labeled “full coverage.”

Do you have any go-to products for concealing imperfections and creating an even complexion? What’s your take on full coverage foundations? Let us know!


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My Italy Wardrobe Wish List

Travis and I are leaving for Italy in just seven weeks!  I can’t wait to go museum hopping, pasta & wine tasting, bike riding… but, I’m just as excited to put a fun wardrobe together :)

I rarely think ahead this much when it comes to packing for a vacation, but the idea of being in fabulous Italy makes me want to look put together throughout our trip.  Here’s what I’ve got on my wish list so far…

1) Chambray dress 3) Polka dotted sweater 5) White skinnies

2) Boyfriend shorts 4) Denim jacket 6) Chevron maxi skirt

One of the best packing tips I’ve heard is that it’s best to choose a bunch of mix & match pieces in toned-down colors, then add some pop with easy-to-pack accessories.  Also on my Italy wish list: the perfect red dress.  (You’ll have to help me choose at a later date!)

Are you going on any summer vacations?  Got any packing “rules” you follow?  What do you think of my choices above?  Spill in the comments!


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