Big Weekend

Yesterday, I did something I never thought I’d be able to do…

I completed a half marathon!

It was QUITE an eventful day (to say the least).  I can’t wait to fill you in but it’ll have to wait ’til Wednesday.  The lovely Juliette will be taking over the blog tomorrow with a fun post about quick and easy ways to de-stress (yes, please!)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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Happy Earth Weekend! Win Yourself Some Eco-Goodies!

Sunday is Earth Day, sweets, and today I’m letting you in a special eco contest from sneakpeeq to celebrate!  Here’s the scoop:

Check out sneakpeeq’s pinterest page by clicking here, and their facebook by clicking here.  You have the chance to win the items you pin, so choose wisely and good luck!  (The contest closes at midnight tomorrow, so hurry on over so you don’t miss out.)

Are you celebrating Earth Day this weekend?  What are your favorite eco friendly sneakpeak items?  Feelin’ lucky?  Share in the comments!


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Double-Duty Beauty: Must-have products with two (or more) benefits

When it comes to beauty, wouldn’t it be nice if there were something that served as a one-stop-shop to looking and feeling your best? Well, one power product may be a stretch, but there are a few that have dual usage. Say hello to four goodies that will simplify your life without weighing down your makeup bag (or breaking the bank!)

Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser

This three-in-one product gently cleanses, tones, and removes all traces of makeup (including eye makeup). Plus, with oil extracts that condition and hydrate, your skin will feel moisturized and refreshed.

Doubles as a makeup brush cleaner. To get all the buildup and bacteria out of your brushes, clean them with Purity and warm water. Then, lay flat to dry. Clean brushes increase your chances of clearer skin and your pretty makeup will go on better, guaranteed!

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer

Erase pesky pimples and signs of too many late nights with this matte-finish concealer. I’ve tried many concealers, and I think this one trumps them all in terms of hiding even the worst of blemishes, darkness, or redness. As a full coverage and waterproof concealer, it’s sure to cover any imperfections with fabulous staying power.

Doubles as an eyeshadow primer. Not only will this make your eyeshadow last all day (and night) and prevent creasing, but it will also neutralize the skin tone on your eyelid. Even if I’m not wearing eyeshadow, I like to use this to even out my coloring. Just doing that instantly brightens the eye area.

Sephora Collection Pro Air Brush #55

The secret to an airbrushed look starts with this liquid foundation brush. Its shape and high-grade synthetic hairs perfectly blend foundation, provide buildable coverage, and give better results than natural-haired brushes.

Doubles as a powder, bronzer, and blush brush. I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation and then continue using it with powder, bronzer, and blush. At 34 bucks, this brush is totally worth it since you get four different benefits from of it. Plus, it feels really good on your skin!

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

The name alone gives away this product’s dual purpose. As a primer, it creates an even canvas for your makeup by filling in fine lines and pores. Use it under foundation, powder, or tinted moisturizer to prep your skin and help makeup last longer.

Doubles as an illuminator. Who doesn’t want radiant skin? This primer will give you a natural, luminous finish without looking shimmery or adding any color. I particularly like using it on special occasions when I need my makeup to stay put and really want my skin to glow. A final (third) side benefit: jojoba seed oil will also help to hydrate your skin.

Have you found any miracle products that you use for more than one purpose? Or, maybe just a product you absolutely can’t live without? Please share your tips and tricks with us!


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Wedding Wednesday: Bold Nail Polish For Brides?

As of yesterday, Travis and I have been married SEVEN months! (How did that happen?!)  But, as always, I still have weddings on the brain.

I know I claimed to have discovered the perfect nail polish for brides (it IS what I wore on my big day), but I’m wondering what you think of brides who go bold with their nails.  You all know I’m a fan of cool nail colors, and I think it would be fun to go a little offbeat for your nuptials.

Cherry red is totally classic, but still has more spunk than pale pink.

Or you could let your nails be your “something blue”!

Coral would make a lovely choice for beachy, summer weddings.

Even a lavender or metallic manicure could be cool.  (Yet another reason why I’d love to get married all over again!)

Would you wear a bold nail color on your big day or do you prefer a more subtle pink?  Which of the colors above do you like best?  Got any other wedding-worthy nail ideas?  Share ’em in the comments!


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Throwing a Theme Party

All parties are theme parties if you really think about it. What’s the typical theme for a party? Birthdays. Holidays. Promotions. Each is a theme, but it’s really what you do with that theme that elevates your party.

Whether your theme is an inside joke for your friends or just something you enjoy—a book, a time in history, celebrity trainwrecks— you still have to focus on a few key elements: costumes, decoration, refreshments, and entertainment.

For the purpose of this post, let’s say I’m hosting a Hunger Games party.  (Get the free printables above here.)

Costume or no costume?

That’s up to you, but remember, some people will forget to dress up and some people don’t want to. That’s a good reason to keep something small at the front table that guests can use to get into the spirit. It’s easier to dance in a superhero mask or a pair of fake glasses than it is to in a cape or a professor’s outfit. For a Hunger Games party I would buy or make Mockingjay pins. You can also put out name tags for any type of affair and let people declare their character, or in this case, district.


The way that you decorate will effect whether your guests get into the theme. You could put up a “Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games” banner or you could turn your living room into a crepe-paper forest. The level of effort should probably relate to the size of your party, although it can always be fun to transform your living space for your closest friends!

Good eats

Just like wedding cake is specific to a certain theme, it is the drinks and the snacks that can make or break your affair. For my Hunger Games party, I could make cheese buns and seaweed bread.  My personal favorite way to bring a theme onto a snack table is with more decorations. Cupcake toppings that represent the elements of your party are easy enough to buy or make, when you only need a pouf of red and orange frosting to symbolize fire or a toy bow and arrow to use as a topper. Last, make sure you create a specialty drink (whether in name or in ingredients) to keep people in the mood.


Party activities don’t have to consist of crazy drinking games. You can also host contests relating to costume, dance moves, or best off-the-cuff dirty joke (on theme, of course!). Make sure your playlist is upbeat and your guests are happy. Scavenger Hunts are always a lot of fun, and a great way to make sure you touch on every aspect of your theme. “Peeta’s favorite place” would lead you into the kitchen, of course, to check the bread box.

Do you have a great theme party idea? Is there another element to a great party you would never leave out? Let us know!


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