Wedding Wenesday: Let’s Talk About Valentine’s Day…

Ok, I know Valentine’s Day doesn’t directly relate to weddings, but with February 14th creeping up on us I feel like I need to get this off my chest…

Why does everyone enjoy bashing Valentine’s Day?!


Seriously, sweets, please help me understand!  I’ve seen tons of anti-V Day Facebook updates and blog posts floating around, from single and committed girls alike, and it’s making me sad!

I know that people like to call Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday” and I agree that you shouldn’t wait until February 14th to celebrate the love in your life (romantic or otherwise).  But what’s so bad about having a holiday that gives everyone an excuse to be a little extra lovey to their friends, family, and significant others?

My hope for you all is that you take time to acknowledge love all throughout the year and that the people in your life do the same.  So let’s re-frame the way we look at V-Day and take it as an excuse to get dressed up and go to dinner with someone special or stay home and play a board game by candle light.

If you’re single and feeling like February 14th is a day to be dreaded, put a little effort into making special Valentines for your girlfriends… I guarantee that it will make you feel good to put a smile on their faces!

What’s your view on Valentine’s Day?  Does anyone else see it the way I do or are you just not a fan of February 14th?  (All opinions are welcome!)

P.S… Inexpensive gifts for everyone on your V-Day list and What not to get your guy on Feb. 14th


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Polka Dot Nails

Today marks two weeks since my grandmother passed away, and I have been on quite the emotional roller coaster.  So over the weekend, I decided to cheer myself up a bit with a DIY manicure.

Sometimes when I’m feeling down, painting my nails in a bubbly way can be a nice reminder that in life there is always room for silliness.  And bonus: having fun nails makes other people smile, too!  My 6 year old cousin was a pretty big fan of these babies. :)

To get the look yourself:

I used two coats of Sally Hansen’s “Commander in Chic” as the base color.  After it dried completely, I took Wet ‘n Wild’s “Dreamy Poppy” and painted the tip of a toothpick.  I used the toothpick to dot my nails and voila!

Have you ever rocked polka dot nails?  Do you paint your nails in fun ways to cheer yourself up when you’re feeling down?  Got any other little tricks for making yourself smile?  Share ’em in the comments!


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10k Success!

One of my favorite quotes from The Office: “Michael, a 5k means 5 kilometers not 5 THOUSAND miles!”  (Does anyone else watch that show as obsessively as I do??)

{pre-race photo}

Anyway, yesterday I ran my first-ever race— a 10k (6.2 miles) along the beautiful cliffs in Santa Cruz.  It was so clear and sunny I almost forgot that it was February!  I started training a few months ago, and my overall goal is to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) toward the end of April!

Yesterday’s race was super rewarding, and I was so happy to share the experience alongside my sweet Momma :)  She’s been a runner forever and has done countless races, but I was especially proud of her for running this one during such an emotional time.  Here are a few photos…

{excited to get my race number}

{action shot #1}

{action shot #2}

{we did it!}

We ended the morning by going out to breakfast and then moseyed home to watch the Super Bowl.  Not a bad Sunday.

How was your weekend?  What were you up to?  Anyone else having amazing weather??


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Have An Athletic Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend, my sweets?  I’m so happy that it is Friday… I’m headed back down to Santa Cruz to be with my family.  (Much needed.)  I’m also running my first race on Sunday— a 10K (6.2 miles)!

Thanks for bearing with me this week while I got back into the swing of things.  I’m happy to be back in the blogosphere :)

Here are some neat links from around the web:

Gorgeous knitted stools!

5 health reasons to cuddle (as if I needed any…)

Tea rex.

Low-commitment projects in 2012 (via YAMF)

Love this custom vintage inspired skirt!

Fun with tissue paper.

I want to do so many projects with this chevron fabric!

Kate Spade stationary makes me swoon…

What are you up to this weekend?  Anyone else planning to do something athletic?  Will you tune into the Superbowl?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!


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Spring Accessories

I know the groundhog promised 6 more weeks of Winter, but I’m already antsy for Spring.  I’ve had my eye on some fun accessories that I’d love to incorporate into my wardrobe pronto.

1. ASOS rucksack; 2. Sailor’s Knot earrings by Kate Spade; 3. Coral boat shoes by J.Crew; 4. hair bow; 5. Forever 21 striped scarf

So cute, right?

Are you ready for Spring, too?  Have you started to incorporate brighter colors or accessories into your wardrobe?  What’s on your Spring accessory wish list?


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