Have you ladies heard of Birchbox?  I’m dying to try it!

For $10 a month, Birchbox sends 4-5 samples of different beauty products to your front door!  It gives you a chance to try out new products without committing to the full size.  Plus, you can earn Birchbox points that you can use toward the purchase of your new favorite beauty products!

As a girl with a bunch of wasted beauty items, I think this is such a neat idea.

Wouldn’t a subscription make a fun gift?  (Especially if you’re looking for something last minute!)

Have you heard of Birchbox?  Would you try it out?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Short Wedding Dresses

Sometimes I picture what would have happened if Travis and I hadn’t done the big wedding and had snuck away to city hall to get married.  San Francisco City Hall is gorgeous, and I definitely would have worn a short wedding dress.

I briefly considered a short dress for our wedding, but it just didn’t feel like it fit in with the look of our big day.  Still, it’s fun to look at short wedding dresses every once in a while… how lovely are these?






So fun, right?!  And just think of the amazing shoes you could pair them with…

Are you a fan of short wedding dresses or do you prefer long ones?  Which one of these would you wear?  Share your opinion in the comments!


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The $2 Beauty Tool That Everyone Should Own

If you have a couple dollars laying around and you want gorgeous eyebrows, then you better listen up…

As a woman with sparse brows, I need all the help I can get.  And I absolutely adore my eyebrow wand.

When you’ve tweezed your brows and filled them in, spray this little brush with a strong hold hair spray and comb your eyebrows into place.  They’ll stay perfectly groomed all day… no fly-aways!

This also works on stubborn little wispy hairs around your hairline.  The brush puts things in their place without an overly hair-sprayed, slicked back look.

Do you own a brush for your brows?  Have you ever used this hair spray trick?  Got any other quick & easy beauty tricks to share?  Tell me about ’em in the comments!


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How To: Design Your Own Tee At Home!

Travis came across this adorable blog, Sweet Verbena, knowing that I’d be addicted to all of her fun projects.  (How right he was!)  So I followed her cool t-shirt tutorial and made a super fun customized shirt for myself last week.  Wanna see?

I started with a white shirt (I used a Target “boyfriend” tee— one of my favorite everyday t-shirts) and dampened it.

Then, after separating the front and back with a few plastic lids, I took Elmer’s glue (the blue gel kind… that’s important) and wrote the words to my favorite poem on the front.  If you’re more artistic, you could draw a picture.  Or you could do crazy squiggly lines all over the shirt.  The possibilities are endless!

After the shirt and glue have dried (I waited overnight), grab your favorite hue of RIT dye and create a cool dye bath.  (If it’s too hot, you’ll mess with the glue, so dissolve the dye into a few cups of super hot water first and then add it to a larger bowl of cool water before you submerge your tee.)

Rather than rinsing right away, wring out lay out your freshly-dyed tee and let it air dry until the majority of the moisture is gone.  Then, soak it in cool, soapy water for 15 minutes to dissolve the last of the glue.

Wash & dry normally and enjoy your new creation!

Though this project was a bit time consuming, it was super easy and fun to make.  I’m already plotting future shirt designs…

What do you think of this DIY tee?  Have you ever dyed your own clothing?  Anyone planning to try this out themselves?  (You better send me pics of the finished product!)


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Have An Active Weekend!

What are you up to this weekend, my sweets?  Travis and I are going for two runs (usually we only run on Sundays) and watching both my parents run cross-country races.  I’m looking so forward to being outside… the weather in SF has been beautiful all week!  Before we all go our separate ways, let’s browse some fun links from around the web!

Travis and I are in the market for some new bowls, and I have my eye on these babies

I finally bought these glasses, and I’m dying for them to show up in my mailbox!

Coolest DIY ever— how to make a scratch-off lottery ticket!

I know Hanukkah is over, but I’m seriously craving latkes.

So many uses for this chevron tape

How adorable would this be in a country kitchen?

DIY printable envelopeslove the color palette!

Such a touching and heartbreaking letter

I hope you all have a fab weekend!  I’m super excited to share some fun DIY projects with you next week!!

What are you up to this weekend?  Anyone else spending some time outside?  (Or is it too chilly in your neck of the woods?)  Got any other great links from around the web?  Share ’em in the comments!


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