Have a Daring Weekend!

This is going to be a big weekend, my sweets!  Now that the wedding is over, I’m finally getting the pixie cut I’ve been talking about for a year and a half!

As excited as I am, I’m also really nervous.  My hair currently falls to the middle of my back, so I’ll be getting rid of 15 inches or so… yikes!  Of course, I’ll update you with photos first thing on Monday.

But until then, let’s enjoy some fun posts from around the web…

This Esty shop has great prints…

The world’s shortest woman has such a beautiful smile!

Pretty (and easy to make!) holiday garlands.

NARS’ newest color is called G-Spot— how scandalous!

I’d really love a long-sleeved party dress for the holidays…

Why are edison light bulbs so awesome?

If you’re an eggnog fan, here’s an easy recipe right out of a blender!

I, personally, have more of a sweet tooth.

Make cute & simple hair bows… no sewing required!


And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

Check out my entire wedding album, now up on the {bb} facebook page!

The perfect red lip (just in time for the holidays!)

I’m going to miss my voluminous curls when I chop my hair this weekend…

What are you up to this weekend, lovely readers?  Doing any last minute holiday shopping?  Crafting any fun gifts or decorations of your own?  Anyone else giving themselves a makeover?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!


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Gingerbread Masterpieces

I really got into the holiday spirit yesterday… I spent the whole afternoon drinking tea and making gingerbread houses!  I did the math, and I think it had been 9 years since I last tried my hand at a gingerbread creation.  Needless to say, mine looked a little bit like the work of a 5 year old.  But it was still fun!

And it got me peeking around online at other gingerbread creations… you have to see these!




I’m not sure I have the talent or the patience to pull any of these off, but aren’t they beautiful?!

And I just couldn’t resist showing these amazing creations to you…

What a clever idea!  Get the full DIY instructions here.

What are you doing to get into the holiday spirit this year?  When was the last time you made a gingerbread house?  Anyone else tempted to try the mini ones?  Tell me about your holiday doings in the comments!


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Holiday Makeup

Do you switch up your makeup routine based on the season?  This Winter, I’m really drawn to classic holiday looks— red lips, glittery accents, and dark, bold lashes. Check out four different makeup looks worth rocking this season:

I love bold red lips and nails with an otherwise makeup-free face.

Pink cheeks remind me of the flush you get as a kid when you run around outside on a cold day.

Winged eyeliner & matte lips— what a combo!

The holidays are a great time to try out metallic accents, like the gorgeous champagne version above.

Do you switch up your makeup based on the season?  Which of these makeup looks has you most inspired?  What else are you gravitating to in the Winter months?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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POLL: Would You Date Someone Much Older (Or Much Younger) Than You?

We see it in t.v. shows all the time.  Celebs don’t seem to bat an eye.  But in real life is it possible to make a relationship work with someone much older or younger than you?

(maybe so… these two are 22 years apart!)

Katie Couric just called off her relationship with a beau who is 17 years her junior!  And it got me thinking about how much age matters in a relationship.

There’s the old standby rule to figure out if an age difference is “appropriate”: take the older person’s age, divide it in half, then add seven.  For example, if the older person is 40, they shouldn’t date someone younger than 27.

Travis is not even 2 full years older than me, but I once dated eight years my senior.  It was very brief, and though age didn’t directly get in the way, I think it contributed to the reasons why we weren’t a good match.


Would you (or have you ever) dated someone much older or younger than you?  Do you believe that relationships with big age gaps can still work?  Have you heard of the “appropriate age” rule?  Share your thoughts and stories in the comments!


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Hot or Not: Milkmaid Braids

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of braids, but I seem to go back and forth on this braided hairstyle…

Milkmaid braids have become and indie girl staple, and I’ve even worn them a time or two.  If you’re not sure exactly what I’m referring to, take a look:

A messy version

And a clean one

For the most part, I’d say this look is hot, especially when the milkmaid braid is incorporated into another hairstyle.  But where do you stand?


Do you think milkmaid braids are hot or not?  Have you ever worn one yourself?  Do you prefer the messy version or the clean one?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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