Have A Cheery Weekend!

Can you believe that 2011 is already over?!  Travis and I are headed back up to the city for some fun New Years festivities, but before we all part for some celebration, let’s enjoy some fun links from around the web!

Bandaids that remind you that life’s not really that hard…

A perfect NYE dress.

This levitating globe is so cool!

Love this reclaimed wood coffee table

These sweet baby boys have a lot to say!

This amazing braided updo makes me wish I still had long hair…

I’m in the market for a big, sturdy bag.

Make your own sequin photobooth!

25 New Years resolutions you can start today…

Travis and I designed this website as a Christmas gift to my cousin… check it out!

Have a safe and festive time this weekend… see you next year!


What are you doing for New Years Eve?  Is anyone hosting a party?  Traveling?  Laying low?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!


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Greetings From Santa Barbara!

Hello, lovely readers!  Travis and I got into Santa Barbara yesterday for a mini-vacation before the new year!  It’s a beautiful distraction from the holidays, and I thought I’d share a few photos of our adventures…

We made a pit stop in San Luis Obispo for lunch, and it felt like Summer!

Then, we visited Solvang… an old Dutch town about an hour north of Santa Barbara.

We enjoyed yummy baked goods and avocado hummus (my favorite!!) from the farmer’s market!

When we arrived in Santa Barbara, we took a walk along the pier at sunset…

…and enjoyed dinner and drinks at a little Italian bistro on State St.

Today, we plan to rent cruisers and take a long bike ride along the water… what a wonderful escape from life in the city!

Where would you go if you could take a mini-getaway?  What are you up to this week?


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Wedding Wednesday Hot or Not: Bird Cage Veils

I didn’t wear a veil on my wedding day, but if I’d chosen one, I think I would’ve gone for a bird cage veil.  I love their sexy, retro vibe… and for some reason, I think they’re especially appropriate for Winter weddings.




I’m a big fan of bird cage veils, but what do you think of them?  (If you’re a big fan, get an awesome DIY tutorial here!)


Do you think bird cage veils are hot or not?  Would you (or did you) wear one on your wedding day?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Do You Have A Tried & True Hangover Cure?

Last night for Travis’ birthday, we met a big group of friends for a night out in our hometown.  It’s a fun tradition that Travis and I look forward to every year, and as usual we had a great time.

A few of us got into a debate about the best ways to prevent a hangover, and I’m curious to know what you do to ward off that yucky feeling the morning after…

I recently heard that a glass of water and burnt toast right before bed is the key.  (Apparently the carbon in the burnt parts of the toast help to soak up impurities in your system?)

Another friend swears by the combination of a liter of water, four ibuprofen, and a multi-vitamin.

With New Years Eve coming up, I’d love to hear what your routine is after a night of over-indulgence…

What do you do to prevent a hangover?  Have you tried either of the methods above?  How did they work?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Happy Birthday, Travis!

Today’s post has only one purpose: to wish my hubby the best birthday ever!

Since Travis’ birthday is the day after Christmas, he doesn’t always get the birthday shout-out he deserves.  So here it goes:

Travis, I love you so much, and I’m so lucky to call you my husband.  You are my best buddy and my biggest cheerleader, and I love how darn silly you are!

And thank you for all of your support with the blog— there’s no way I could have kept it going this long without you!

xoxo forever and ever…


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