POLL: Would You Get Surgery To Change Your Eye Color?

Have you ladies heard about this?  Scientists think they have discovered a procedure that can safely turn brown eyes blue.


By using lasers, they claim to erase all brown melanin in the eye and then replace it with blue pigment over a two or three week period.  For an estimated $5,000, this irreversible procedure could be available in the U.S. in just 3 years.

I have blue eyes, and I’m perfectly happy with them.  But I don’t think they’re any prettier than brown, or green, or grey ones.  Eye color is such a small piece of our physical beauty… I personally can’t imagine spending all that dough (or risking my eyesight!) just to change the coloring.

But for the 19 million people who wear colored contacts everyday, maybe it seems like a small price to pay… what do you think?


Would you get surgery to alter your eye color?  Do you (or someone you know) wear colored contacts?  If there was no risk and no cost, would that make a difference?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Have A Restful Weekend!

Happy Friday, lovely readers!  Are you all ready to change the clocks on Saturday night?  I’m looking very forward to an extra hour of sleep!

Travis and I are braving the rain this weekend and traveling up North to visit my brother in college and to watch my dad run a marathon!  On the books for today: buy a giant golf umbrella! (Or maybe this cute clear one.)


Before we go our separate ways this weekend, check out these fun links I found around the web…

I’m going to try making these cool polaroid refrigerator magnets next week!

Love this sunglass storage solution!

These long-distance-relationship pillows are so clever…

Dandelion nails!

This makes me want to play with fabric markers.

If everybody likes you, you’re doing something wrong…

For fellow bloggers… check out Blog Brunch tomorrow on Twitter!

EDIBLE PLACE CARDS! (Need I say more?)


And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

Get perfect red lips.

Sifting through pictures of my bridal shower always puts me in a sunny mood!

Have you tried making these yummy pumpkin muffins yet??

What are you up to this weekend?  Any fun adventures to share?  And how’s the weather in your neck of the woods?  Give me an update in the comments!


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Beauty Review: Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil

I’ve had a bit of a beauty fiasco this week.  In an attempt to do a dramatic ombre effect to my hair, I basically went blonde instead.  (Oops!  This is exactly why I refused to experiment with my hair before the wedding!)  This is the only blonde-haired photo I’m willing to show…

Needless to say, I’ve dyed over the blonde and gone back to my brunette roots (pun intended).  But there’s still a whoooole lot of bleach under all that brown hair.

Fortunately, a good friend (who bleaches her hair a gorgeous blonde, unlike mine) recommended Kendi Oil to keep my newly-damaged locks looking healthy as ever.  And let me tell you… this stuff rocks!

It’s made from bamboo, so not only does it keep your hair soft, silky, and strong, but it’s made from a renewable resource!  I just run a few drops through my hair after a shower and either blow it dry or let it air dry.  By the look and feel of my hair, you would never know that it had all been bleached!

If you’re suffering from an over-processed mane, I’d pick up a bottle of Kendi Oil a.s.a.p.

Have you used Kendi Oil before?  Got another hair treatment you swear by?  Any of you struggling with super-damaged hair?  Share in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday POLL: Would You Save Your Wedding Cake For Your One Year Anniversary?

For those of you who don’t know me personally… I love sweets.  Most days, I don’t go without something sugary.  So, when it came to our wedding, I made sure that we had a huge table of desserts, not just a cake.

Don’t you think our cake came out cute?  (I did!)  And boy was it tasty.  Since I knew we’d probably be too distracted to eat it during the wedding, I asked the caterer to box some up for us so we could enjoy it later.  As in… later that night.  I did not ask for them to save the top tier for our one year anniversary.

Here’s why…

1) I’ve never heard of someone actually enjoying their 1-year-old wedding cake.  It’s dry.  It’s half-frozen.  It ends up in the garbage.

2) We have full access to the bakery that created our wedding cake.  If I took a picture to them, they could re-create a beautiful replica of our top tier that we could actually enjoy for a few days.

Maybe that’s super unromantic of me, though?

Would you (or did you) save the top tier of your wedding cake?  For those of you who have done so, how did it taste?  Is it more about the romance and less about enjoying dessert?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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On The Hunt: Chunky Sweater Edition

I came across this photo on pinterest, and I just love how funky and feminine her outfit is!  I mean, that sweater… so yummy.

The downside… it’s $330. Of course, now I’m on the hunt for a cute chunky sweater of my own! (One that won’t break the bank!)  Here are some similar options:

Ecote Cable Stitch Tunic, on sale for $49

Oasis Textured Boyfriend Cardigan, $99.84

Braided Purl Knit Sweater, just $24.80!

Decisions, decisions…

Which of these sweaters do you like best?  Are you loving the chunky sweater look as much as I am, or are you not so into it?  Are you already rocking this look?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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