Wedding Wednesday: Our Ceremony

In all the hoopla of Thanksgiving, I realized that I never did a Wedding Wednesday post last week!  So, I thought I’d make it up to you by sharing some photos from our wedding… this week, I’m going to take you through our ceremony.

We had both the ceremony and reception at my parents’ house, which was really special for me.  It really eased the stress of the day, and it made the whole gathering feel more intimate.

These first photos were taken just a few minutes before the ceremony… I was so anxious!

Travis and I didn’t see each other before the ceremony, but I got a different kind of first look… with my dad!

It was really important to us that we include our families in our ceremony, so we had both of our parents give us away.

My beautiful cousins read e.e. cummings’ poem “i carry your heart”…

And then we stumbled through our vows… we were both so emotional!  Everyone expected it of me, but I think it really caught Travis off guard.  (I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!)

During the vows, we passed our rings around and gave our guests a chance to bless them with good thoughts and lots of love for our future together.  It was a really special way to connect with our family and friends— many of them said it was the highlight of the ceremony!

Our nieces/flower girls were in charge of getting the rings back to us when it was time to say I do!  (I think they were excited to make a second appearance during the ceremony!)

Travis and I were so anxious to make it official, we forgot to wait for our officiant to say. “You may kiss the bride.”  Oops!  (P.S. I just love this photo of our dear friend/officiant, Tina.  She made our ceremony so special… we love her to pieces!)

I think it’s so cute that Travis high-fived my dad when it was all said and done…

As we walked out of the ceremony, we borrowed a Jewish wedding tradition and sequestered ourselves in the house for a few minutes of peace and quiet before the craziness of the reception.  It was such a special moment for me and Travis… we were really able to take each other in and reflect on the fact that we had really just gotten married!  Plus, he was able to help me pee in that big dress :)

There you have it, our ceremony!

Next week, I’ll take you through our reception, and come back tomorrow for another holiday gift guide!

Photography: Nicolette Clark, Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal, Groom’s Suit: Tommy Hilfiger, Hair Stylist: Jen Irby, Makeup Artist: Rachel Pinkerton, Flowers: DIY


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Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Mama

Today we’re focusing on some pretty presents for the most important lady in your life: mom.  I think we should all encourage our sweet mamas to relax and pamper themselves a little bit, don’t you?

1. A yummy cashmere sweater 2. Heavenly bath salts 3. A good book 4. Morse code necklace with a special message  5. A trip to the spa 6. The best smelling lotion

What’s on your wishlist this holiday season?  Have you scored anything good for your mom yet?  Snag any awesome Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals?  Share in the comments!


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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Men In Your Life

Good morning, my sweets!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  It’s official: the holidays are in full swing!  And this week I’ll be offering up some fun gift ideas for all the special people in your life.

I always have trouble finding gifts for my dad & brother, and this year I’ve even had a hard time coming up with something awesome for Travis!  So hopefully this roundup will help you find a great gift for your favorite guys…

1. Locally brewed beer 2. Classic sunglasses 3. His favorite team jersey 4. I’ve never gone wrong with baked goods 5. A nice watch 6. Shiny, new Garmin GPS

What are you getting your guys this year?  Any of these items look like the right pick?  Do you have a harder time shopping for men or women?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re headed out of town to visit the family for the rest of the week, and I could not be more excited!  I love Thanksgiving— the family, the food, the cozy feeling you get when you go home… it’s the best!

Here are some warm & inviting Thanksgiving table settings to inspire you for tomorrow…





See you back here on Monday, where I’ll be kicking off a week of holiday gift guides!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?  Will you be traveling or staying at home?  Anyone planning on braving the crowds on Black Friday?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!


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Found: Instant Ambiance For Your Next Gathering!

Are you hosting anyone for Thanksgiving?  Planning a dinner party soon?  Then you have to try out this ambiance-inducing trick…

(or for instant-awesomeness, host your next dinner party in a vineyard!)

Travis and I recently had some friends over for dinner, and as I was prepping in the kitchen, he transformed our living and dining room into this super-cozy little hosting spot.  When I came out from cooking, he had turned off all of the overhead lights in our house in favor of the warmer, more subtle lamp lighting.  It made the whole space feel so inviting.

Then, he turned Pandora to the Nat King Cole station and it was as if our home radiated comfort.

Needless to say, we’ve been doing it almost every night (even when we don’t have company!) because we love how homey our apartment feels.

Have you used either of these tactics to warm up your home for a gathering?  Got any other easy ways to make your house party-ready?  Are you hosting anyone for the holidays?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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