Have A Lovely Weekend! (I Know I Will!)

It’s wedding weekend, sweet readers!  I could not be more elated, stressed, tired, overwhelmed, or in love… then again, the wedding isn’t ’til tomorrow, so I may have spoken too soon.

Even in all of the craziness this week (and boy was there some craziness!), I found a bunch of cute stuff around the web!  Check it out:

I love these temporary tattoos!

I’m ordering this return address stamp the moment we get back from our honeymoon!

Adorable color block dress.

I love these escort card holders!

A whale of a doorstop…

The best compliment you could ever give a person.


And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

Alternative engagement rings

How to create strong brows.

The best hairspray ever (I’ll be using it for my wedding!)


Next time I write to you all, I’ll be a married woman!  I like the sound of that…

What are you up to this weekend?  Any big plans?  Laying low?  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!


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Eek! I Got My First Wax… You Know Where!

Yesterday was a big day for me, lovely readers… I got my first ever brazilian wax!  Read on for details, if you dare…


I’ve waxed my bikini area myself a couple of times, but a brazilian is much more… extensive.  I figured that if I was ever going to try it, I should do so for my honeymoon.

My cousin is an esthetician, so I went to her spa to get it done.  I was definitely a little nervous— I wasn’t sure whether it made me feel better or worse to know the person who was waxing me down there.  Maybe anonymity is less scary?  Before I left, I took the most extensive shower ever and trimmed the hair down to a half inch or so, per her instructions.

The whole experience ended up being very professional and it didn’t hurt too bad.  (I was expecting a lot worse!)  It was a little tender after the fact, but I’ve heard that ibuprofen can help with that.  All in all, I’d definitely do it again.

If you’re considering it for yourself, know that your menstrual cycle makes the area more sensitive.  Wait at least a week afterward and it’ll be a lot easier on you.

Have you had a brazilian wax before?  What about a plain old bikini wax?  Have you tried waxing yourself?  And how much hair do you leave?  Share your waxing experiences in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: The Final Post Before The Wedding! (Want To See Our Invites??)

I can’t believe it, but “Wedding Wednesday” started right after Travis proposed, a whopping 61 weeks ago!

You guys have helped me navigate color palettes, shared in the excitement of the Glamour Magazine shoot, suggested favor ideas when I was totally stumped, and gave your advice about my wedding ring.  I have felt so much love and support from you all throughout this 14 month engagement, and I appreciate it more than you know!

I haven’t wanted to give away too many details about the wedding (I promise I’ll share them all after the big day!), but I thought I’d show off our invites today if you’d all like to see ’em…

Travis and I did every aspect of these invitations by hand— from design, to printing, to cutting, pasting, and putting them all together!  It took many hours (Travis joked that it was a good sign for our relationship that we survived the process!), but we’re so happy to have invites that represent us completely.  Check them out:

We also designed a map, but I thought it was best not to post that on the internet :)

And here it is all put together (sorry for the bad quality… my nice camera is on the fritz!):

What do you think, lovely readers?  Would you make your own invites or leave it to the pros?


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Hot or Not: Lucite Nails

I was looking through Refinery 29‘s slideshow of nail trends from fashion week, and came across this photo of clear, lucite nails with a lacy design painted on it, and I’m not really sure how I feel about it!

They’re so unique and cool… but could they ever actually be worn in real life?  What do you think?


Are lucite nails hot or not?  Do you think this fashion trend will shift into daily life?  Are there any other trends you’ve seen from fashion week that have you on the fence?  Share in the comments!


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POLL: Would You Get Married On Your Anniversary?

Good morning, my sweets!  I hope your weekend was lovely.  Travis and I had our respective bachelor and bachelorette parties on Saturday, so most of yesterday was spent throwing up recovering.


And I am very happy to announce that with just 5 days left til the BIG day, wedding week has officially begun!!

But I keep forgetting that this means that there are also 5 days until our 4 year anniversary!  Travis and I chose to get married on our anniversary because 1) it meant that we only had one date to remember, 2) we love the weather in September and we knew we wanted an outdoor wedding, and 3) it fell on a saturday!

Number 3 might seem kind of silly, but I always wanted to get married on Saturday, so if our anniversary had fallen on another night of the week, I probably wouldn’t have been as excited to tie the knot on that day.


Would you get married on your anniversary (and when is it)?  What if it didn’t fall on a Saturday?  Share your thoughts in the comments!


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