Have A Productive Weekend!

Travis and I finally get to settle into our place this weekend!  Our goal is to finish unpacking everything and to start decorating and designing.  I can’t wait to make our new apartment feel like home.

I found some great things to share with you all this week.  Check ’em out!

We bought this bedspread at Urban Outfitters… I’m loving chevron stripes right now!

I wish we had these great guides to NYC during our trip last year!

I’m such a sucker for beautiful packaging

How amazing do these cheesecake brownies look?!

Now this is a Halloween costume I can get behind!

The cutest photo of an animal that has ever existed.


And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

How to create a faux-bob

I wore this Benefit perfume during my wedding & honeymoon and Travis LOVED it!

Pictures of my dream home.

What are you up to this weekend, sweet readers?  Got any to-do lists to tackle?  Anyone going to the bluegrass festive in SF?  Share your plans in the comments!


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POLL: Do You Dress Up For ID Photos?

I’m headed down to the DMV today to get a new driver’s license with my new married name on it, and I’m pretty excited!  Not only will I be glad to have all of my documents changed over (it has been really weird trying to juggle two last names for the past couple of weeks!), but I can’t WAIT to change my ID photo!!

(a little too dolled up, perhaps?)

The photo on my license was taken when I got my driver’s permit at 15 1/2.  Needless to say, I don’t look much like that young girl anymore, and I’m ready for the update.

The only thing is… I’m not sure how I should look in my picture.  Hair up?  Hair down?  Minimal makeup or a little extra?  I know you will only see from my collarbone up in the photo, but should I wear a solid color on top or does it not matter?

Maybe I’m over-thinking this (okay, I’m pretty positive that I am), but I’d love to hear your opinion…


How do you present yourself when taking an ID photo for your license/school/work/etc…?  What do you think I should do?  Share in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Alternative Guest Books

Wow, my first Wedding Wednesday post as a married woman!  (I can’t get enough of that…)  Travis and I have spent the last ten days reflecting on all of the little details of our wedding, and one of my favorite aspects was our guest book.

We chose not to have guests write their names into a formal book because we knew that it would get stowed away and hardly ever looked at.

Instead, we jumped onto the guest-books-as-wall-art bandwagon and designed a cute poster where guests left a thumbprint and signed their name to it.  I was nervous that the thumbprints would end up looking a little haphazard and not-so-cute, but our guests rocked it out, and it’s adorable!

Check out these other cute guestbook alternatives…

A puzzle!

Have guests sign the matting of a poster or photo…

Give everyone a circle and have them paste it to a family (and friend) tree.

For a rustic wedding, have guests sign a tree slice and mount it in your home!

Or do something fun with fingerprints, like we did…

Would you (or did you) use an alternative guest book at your wedding, or are you more into having a formal book?  As a guest, which do you prefer at a wedding?  Have you seen any cool guest book ideas that weren’t shown above?  Share ’em in the comments!


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Keep Your Pretty Summer Glow All Year Long!

We’re back from our honeymoon and Fall is definitely upon us in the Bay Area! I’m loving the way my skin feels after a week of humidity, salt water, and this amazing lavendar lotion I found right before we left!

I’m determined to keep this dewey, healthy look all through Fall and Winter, and I have a few good products that will get me there…

1) A Hair Mask ($4.68)… I love both the Pantene mask and the more expensive one from It’s a 10. You can leave it on while you shave your legs in the shower, or better yet, buy a shower cap and sleep with it in! Your hair will look soft and shiny, rather than dry and frizzy… Hard to do in the colder months!

2) Rosebud Salve ($6)… this stuff looks and feels great. You can use it on your lips, or anywhere that feels a little dry and chapped.

3) Vaseline ($0.99)… Rub it all over your feet and heels, put on socks, and get a good night’s sleep. You’ll wake up feeling like you just got a pedi!

4) Brown sugar and milk scrub (free!) … If you want to get rid of chapped lips and dull-looking skin, mix up this simple scrub and use it all over!

5) Jergen’s Shea Butter Lotion ($6.23)… It will deeply moisturize dry skin, and it’s super affordable! It doesn’t get much better than that!

What are your glowy-skin-and-hair tricks?  Have you used any of these products?  Share ’em in the comments!


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How-To: Make A Flower Headband In 2 Minutes (No Joke!)

Happy Monday, sweet readers!  I hope you enjoyed last week’s guest bloggers and had a super relaxing weekend!  Travis and I are headed back to chilly San Francisco today, but we can’t really complain… our honeymoon was fantastic and there is much to look forward to when we get home.

There are so many aspects of our wedding that I’m excited to share with you, now that all the festivities are over.  (I’ll try not to over-do it, though, I promise!)  I thought I’d kick it off by showing you the simple headbands that I made for my flower girls and teaching you how to do ’em yourself.

First off, here’s what we’re making:

You will need:
-3/4″ or 1″ elastic
-faux flowers of your choosing
-hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut the flower completely off its stem.

Step 2: Fill the hole with hot glue to make sure the layers of the flower don’t fall apart.  Set aside.

Step 3: Wrap the elastic around your head to measure, then cut it to size.  (If you’re making this for a child, measure your head and then lose an inch or two.)  Overlap the two ends a bit and hot glue them or stitch them together to create a circle.

Step 4: Glue your flower (or a few flowers) on top of the overlapped section of elastic.  The flowers will hide the overlap so that it looks like a clean, complete circle no matter how you wear it!

If you’re feeling super crafty, you could sew a strip of fabric to cover the elastic as well.  If you’re feeling not-so-crafty, you could buy a pre-made elastic headband and simply glue a cute flower to it!

Here’s the finished product on my sweet flower girls…

Cute right?!  And SO easy.  When we get home, I’m making one for myself!

What do you think, lovelies?  Are you a fan of this DIY headband?  Is it a look suited only for kids, or would you rock it as well?  Have you ever made your own headband before?  Share in the comments!


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