Wedding Wednesday: The Perfect Gel Polish For Brides!

Once gel manicures made their way into the mainstream, I knew I wanted to get one for my wedding day.  I love the fact that I can get a manicure a day or two before the wedding, knowing that I won’t mess it up beforehand.  Plus, I’ll get to enjoy my nice nails all the way through my honeymoon!

I’ve found that many nail salons don’t have a huge range of gel colors, probably because they’re so expensive to stock up on.  So I decided to find the perfect shade and bring it with me on the day of my nail appointment, so I’m not stuck with some crazy color on my wedding day.

After all of my research, I’ve found the perfect bridal shade.  And it is…

CND Shellac in Romantique.  The color on the bottle doesn’t do it justice… it’s a pinky-cream that can be made more opaque than other gel polish brands with multiple coats.

Here’s what it looks like:


Pretty, right?  With 3 1/2 weeks to go, I’m so happy to have something else checked off the list!

Do you agree that this is the perfect bridal shade?  Would you rather wear a bolder color as a bride?  (If so, tell me what color you’d go for!)  Got any other good gel color recommendations?  Share ’em in the comments!


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POLL: How Often Do You Get Rid Of Unworn Clothing?

Travis and I have decided to move before the wedding (yes, we know it’s crazy…) which means that I am in packing mode.  It also means that I’m in “throw it out or donate it if we haven’t used it in a year” mode.


That is, indeed, my motto for most items.  If I haven’t worn it, used it, or missed it for a year or more, my life is probably just fine without it.  Needless to say, every time we move there is a huge box (or 3) headed to Goodwill.

I have friends, though, who hang onto stuff forever— especially clothing— in the off chance that they might need it somewhere down the line.  Even if they already have another item that looks just like it.  Even if they haven’t worn it since high school.  Even if they subconsciously know that they will never squeeze into it again.

I’m not judging… these friends always have the perfect thing to wear, when I’m often scrambling to throw an outfit together.

So I’m curious which category you fall into, lovely readers.


Do you get a little over-zealous and donate your outfits away?  Do you hang on to clothes well past its “best-by” date?  Or have you found a happy medium?  Share in the comments!


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How Long Could You Go Without Looking In A Mirror?

I’m not overly obsessive about checking myself out to make sure my hair and makeup are looking perfect, but I certainly use mirrors on a daily basis.  Can you imagine getting ready every morning without one?


Kjerstin Gruys is going a whole year without looking into mirrors with the goal of building a better body image. Not only is Kjerstin prepping for work each day sans mirror, but she’ll also get ready on her wedding day without taking a look at herself!

As a PhD student at UCLA, she has been researching the link between beauty and inequality, and feels that by removing mirrors from her life for 365 days, she’ll be able to break the link between her own appearance and her self-worth.  But Kjerstin still wants to look good.  She has learned to put on basic makeup without a mirror.  She tried out self-tanner.  She’s even following a bridal beauty regimen from The Knot.

You can read about Kjerstin’s experiences on her blog, Mirror, Mirror Off The Wall.

Though I don’t personally feel like running around my house and removing all reflective surfaces, I think this is a great project (both individually for Kjerstin and as an example for women everywhere).

What do you think of this no-mirror project?  How long do you think you could go without looking into a mirror?  Could you ever get ready for your wedding without checking yourself out first?!  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Thinking Pink…




These lovely ladies have me itching for a tube of pink lipstick for Fall.  I hardly ever wear lipstick, but I think my Fall resolution will be to experiment a little more in the arena…

I love how they’ve left the rest of their face super natural… what a fun juxtaposition!

What do you think of pink lips?  Do you think it’s possible to look sophisticated (and not like a barbie doll)?  Do you wear lots of lipstick?  Want to join me in my Fall resolution?

And, hey, have a great weekend!


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Wedding THURSDAY: Help Keep Me Warm At My Winter Wedding!

Reader Reiley sent a sweet email my way recently, asking for help finding a cute cover-up to go over her wedding dress!  She’s tying the knot in February and will be celebrating both indoors and outdoors.  She specifically mentioned “no fur”, so let’s see what we can find!

This lace number from White House/Black Market is stunning…

This girly beaded shrug from Asos is a steal at just $31!

Anthropolgie’s new wedding line, BHLDN, has tons of cute cover ups.  (Check out the selection here.)  My favorite is this Petal Panes Bolero, which could be either boho or more conservative, depending on how it’s styled.

This rosette bolero would be a perfect accent to a simple gown…

Another option is a wrap… I’m loving this linen and lace wrap, just $22 on Etsy!

Last but not least is this striking piece, which is probably the warmest choice and would make a great statement!

Hope this helps, Reiley!

What do you think of the options above?  Would you wear a cover up over your wedding dress?  Got any good ideas to send Reiley’s way?  Share ’em in the comments!

P.S.- Today is the last day to enter this week’s giveaway!


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