Wedding Wednesday POLL: Should Brides Wear Multiple Wedding Dresses?

I know celebs like Kim Kardashian often rock multiple wedding dresses on their big day, but can real girls like us pull it off?


When my friend Kaila got married, she chose a gorgeous wedding gown, but it was super heavy.  She bought a (much cheaper) backup gown to use during the reception, in case she got tired of lugging her big one around.  Not surprisingly, she didn’t change into gown #2.  Who wants to leave their rockin’ wedding reception to do a costume change?

I’m definitely a one-wedding-dress kind of girl.  In my opinion, this new phenomenon of buying multiple dresses is a great way for the bridal industry to bring in more money, but other than that it seems silly.  I do understand why Kaila bought a second dress, and she was smart about it: she bought it off the rack, left the tags on, didn’t get it altered, and was able to return it since she never put it on.

I’m all for buying another outift/dress to leave the reception in (so you’re not driving away in a full-on wedding gown), but you won’t see me wearing more than one wedding dress on my big day!

That’s just my opinion… what do you think?


Would you wear more than one wedding dress on your big day?  If you’re into the idea, is there a certain number of dresses that are “acceptable” before it becomes too much?  Or are you into keeping it simple and sticking with one dress?  I’d love to know what you all think!


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Would You Plan Your Wedding Around…That Time Of The Month?

I know it’s not Wednesday, but with my own wedding just 2 1/2 weeks away, nuptials are all I can think about!  So don’t be surprised if a few extra wedding posts start popping up on the blog in the coming weeks.

Plus, there’s been something on my mind lately!  Sorry to get a little personal here, ladies… but wouldn’t it be horrible to be on your period while strutting your stuff on your wedding day?!

(I would totally be eating chocolate in my dress if I were on my period…)

I never feel my best when I’m on my period— I weigh more, I’m tired and crabby— I don’t think I’d feel as pretty or enjoy the day quite as much.  Plus, I make a point not to wear white during that time of the month (just in case), and most of us end up in a big white dress on our big day.  (Confession: I know someone who dirtied her wedding dress that way… so mortifying!)

And can you imagine being on your period during your honeymoon??  Just think about that one for a second…

I can’t believe I didn’t consider any of this when Travis and I picked out our wedding date.  We’re getting married on our anniversary, and I was so excited that it fell on a Saturday, I never even thought of it!  I am so fortunate that the timing worked itself out on its own, but really… I should have checked a calendar!  In all honesty, I probably would have rescheduled had my cycle interfered with our wedding or honeymoon.

Am I being dramatic, or would you schedule your wedding and honeymoon to make sure your cycle didn’t interfere?  Do you think you’d be able to enjoy yourself as much if you were on your period?  Do you know anyone who has been forced to deal with it on her wedding day?  Share in the comments!


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Getting To Know You: What’s Your Daily Makeup Routine?

I was shopping for wedding makeup with my bridesmaids yesterday, and one of them asked me about my makeup routine.  (She isn’t a big makeup person, and was wondering how to get decent coverage without looking like your makeup is caked on.)


I don’t think much about the order in which I apply makeup, since I do the same thing every time.  But here’s my routine:

1) tinted moisturizer          6) blush
2) concealer                        7) eyeshadow
3) mineral powder             8) eyeliner
4) highlighter                     9) mascara
5) bronzer

I love tinted moisturizer because it evens out my skin without being too heavy, and mineral foundation blends the concealer super well.  I also like to do my eyeliner after my eyeshadow so that when I blend the shadow, it doesn’t smudge the liner.

I’d love to know what your routine looks like.

In what order do you apply your everyday makeup?  What products do you love for everyday use?  Share in the comments!


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Have A Stupendous Weekend!

This has been quite a week, sweet readers!  Travis and I found new digs and have started to pack (while closing in on the 3 week wedding countdown!)  Let’s relax a bit with some fun posts from around the web…

Beautiful wedding photos… of Barbie and Ken! (No joke!!)

Have you heard of the sock bun?  I tried it, and it’s awesome!

How to make your own glittery nail polish… (as taught by the woman who did my nails for the Glamour shoot!)

I want to make a larger version of this passport cover for my iPad…

Who knew Patrick Schwarzenegger was such a cutie?!

I am seriously lusting over these tights and this jacket.

And a few {bb} posts you may have missed…

A 30-second hairstyle.

Cool storage solutions that anyone can use!

How-To: Lace nails

Hope your weekend is wonderful!  I’m going on a date with my dad tonight.  (The last one before I’m a married woman!)  It makes me teary just thinking about it… can’t wait to spend some time with him!

What are you up to this weekend?  Any big plans as August is wrapping up?  Come across any other fun links this week?  Share in the comments!


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My Accessory Wishlist For Fall… What’s On Yours?

Fall is definitely my favorite season, and this year, I’m excited to stock up on a few new accessories!  Here’s what’s on my wishlist this season:

1. pointelle circle scarf, $12.80

2. patricia nash trento satchel, $288

3. morse code necklace from Coatt, $36

4. zigi soho boots, $59.95

5. my wedding band!! $135

What accessories are you hoping to pick up this Fall?  Got any favorites from my list?  Share in the comments!


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