Happy Weekend!! Try Out This Fun Styling Technique!

Want voluminous, bouncy curls that’ll last through the weekend?  (Of course you do!)  Check out this easy way to get gorgeous, lasting curls…

Here’s what you’ll need:

-small rubber bands                         -velcro rollers

-a comb                                               -roller clips

-hairspray                                          -a 1/2 inch curling iron


Here’s how to do it:

1) Section hair into seven equal sections and secure with your small rubber bands.

2) Split each little ponytail into two smaller sections.  Spray each section with a little hairspray and comb through.

3) Curl each section with your curling iron.

4) While the hair is still warm from the iron, roll it with a velcro roller and pin into place.

5) Once all of the ponytails have been split and rolled, let them cool completely.

6) Take out the rollers and use a pair of scissors to cut out the little rubber bands.  Use your fingers or a brush to comb out your curls and finish with a little hairspray.

I have a really hard time creating bouncy curls, but this totally does the trick!  (As you can see, my hair is pulled half back, but this looks just as beautiful with your hair completely down.)  Try it yourself and let me know how it goes!!

What do you think of this styling technique?  What do you use to get extra voluminous curls?  And what are you up to this weekend?  (I’m going to my bridal shower, yay!)


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How To: Strong Brows

Eyebrows are one of our most important facial features: they frame your face in a big way, and can make or break your look.  (A lot of pressure, I know.)  So I wanted to share some tips to help you get the most out of your brows, even if they’re not everything you want them to be…


I happen to have pretty thin eyebrows myself, and I lust after the strong, defined brows that have become so popular lately.  Lucky for me, there are ways to fake this look:

1) Eyebrow pencil. I use Ofra’s absolute brow pencil, but there are tons of great options out there.  I’d suggest going to a beauty counter to find the right shade for you.  Use a super-sharp brow pencil to draw “hairs” into your brows.  (A tip: don’t hold the pencil flat against your skin; hold it at an angle for a less-noticeable effect.)

2) Powder. Use a taupe or brown eyeshadow and an angle brush to fill in your brows for a stronger, bolder look than pencil.  (Or layer powder over pencil for a long-lasting effect.)  Concentrate the powder at the thickest part of your brow (near the bridge of your nose) and use long, sweeping strokes along your eyebrow so that the powder is slightly less concentrated at the tip.

3) Color. Get your brows darkened by a pro if you’re feeling like there’s not enough contrast between your hair color and your brows.

And it never hurts to get a nice eyebrow wax to start things off right… you don’t want bold brows if they’re not shaped well.

Are you a fan of strong brows?  What do you use to make yours stand out?  Have you ever had yours colored?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Getting Organized

Travis and I are aiming to send out our invitations in the next week or so, which means we’re in hyper-organization mode.  So I am seriously grateful to have heard about this awesome organization tool early on in the planning process…

Google has an online document program called “Google Docs” that does a whole lot more than word processing.  Google Forms is an aspect of Google Docs that allows you to design pretty questionnaires, email them to your friends and family, and will then automatically record everyone’s answers into an easy-to-read spreadsheet that you can access from your email.

We used this awesome tool to collect mailing addresses from our friends and family so that they would all be in one place when it came time to mail our invitations. Here’s how it looks:

Pretty, right?  And SO easy to do!  If you have a Gmail account, simply go to the “Google Docs” button and select “Forms” under the “Create New” tab.  You will be directed to a page where you can type in the question(s) for the form.  To change the look of the form, click the “Theme” button at the top of this page and choose your favorite one!  When you’re all done, select “Email this form” and paste your contacts into the provided space.

Your contacts will receive a cute email (like the one above) and you’ll receive updates via the spreadsheet.  It’s seriously a lifesaver!

Have you heard of “Google Forms”?  What do you think of organizational tools like this?  How do you keep track of friends’ and families’ mailing addresses?  Share in the comments!


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Beauty Review: MAC’s Pro Longwear Concealer

I hope you all had a super fun and relaxing holiday weekend!  The weather was gorgeous in the Bay Area, and Travis and I celebrated our 1 year engagement-versay!  I’m so sad to be going back to the real world today…

The good news is, I’ve discovered an awesome new beauty product!  (Well, new to me that is…)

Remember when I was complaining that there were no concealers that could adequately cover my under-eye circles?  I’d like to officially post a retraction!

I went makeup shopping over the weekend to complete my arsenal of products in preparation for the wedding, and I stopped into MAC, since they’re known for makeup that lasts all day.  The woman introduced me to their Pro Longwear Concealer, and I am officially hooked!!

Not only does this stuff cover up my dark circles (a miracle!), but it doesn’t budge!  It was blistering hot on Sunday— my face got very dewy— and it stayed.  I’m in love…

Get it here for $16.50.

And if you’re wondering how to use concealer to cover those pesky under-eye circles, read my how-to here!

Have you tried Pro Longwear Concealer?  Were you as happy with it as I am?  Got any other new makeup discoveries to share?  Or any recommendations of products that will last me through my wedding day?  Share in the comments!


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My New Nail Polish Find!

I bought a new nail polish this week, and I’ve been getting lots of compliments, so I thought I’d pass it along to you!

Introducing Essie’s “Da Bush” (yes, weird name…), which is a light grey-green polish that’s Summery and fresh.  It has the feel of a neutral color with a bit more punch.

I absolutely love all of Essie’s colors, so if you haven’t tried one of them yet I definitely recommend doing so.  (Get ’em here.)

What do you think of my new polish?  Have you come across any good colors lately?  Are you a fan of Essie?  What’s your favorite shade?  Tell me in the comments!

And have a WONDERFUL holiday weekend!  See you back here on Tuesday!


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