How To: My Bridal Shower Hair Do (Part Two)

Yesterday, I showed you how to braid you hair like I did for my bridal shower.  Today, check out how I achieved the rest of the look.

You will need…

-velcro rollers in various sizes (get a multi-size pack at Target for around $10!)
-bobby pins
-a curling iron
-teasing comb (or just a regular comb)
-a hair tie

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Section the hair into 3 vertical sections.

Step 2: Start with the middle section, right behind the braid.  Choose a velcro roller, and part out a subsection of hair the same size of the roller.  (This can be approximate… it’s not an exact science.)

Step 3: Spray the section with hair spray and curl it backwards with the curling iron.

Step 4: While the hair is still warm from the iron, wrap the velcro roller into the section (starting at the ends of your hair and rolling down to the scalp).  Try to hold the hair straight out from your head… this will help you later when you’re trying to get volume in the ponytail.  Secure by running a bobby pin longways through the roller.

Step 5: Continue down the back of the head this way.  Feel free to alternate the size of the velcro rollers.

Step 6: Do the same thing on each of the other side sections.

Step 7: Let all of the velcro rollers cool completely.  This will help the curls to set well and last all day and night!

Step 8: Carefully remove the rollers and gently comb out the curls.  If they start to fall flat, you can use your fingers to re-form them again.

Step 9: Use a comb to tease your hair at the crown to a desired height.

Step 10: Comb the hair smooth on top, and pull all of the hair into a side ponytail.  At this point, you can incorporate your braid.

Step 11: Grab a 1/2″ strand of hair from the bottom of the pony and wrap it around the hair tie to hide it.  Secure with a bobby pin.

Step 12: Spray into place, and enjoy the compliments!

It takes a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, this is a great way to get lasting body and curl into your hair.  And don’t hesitate to grab a friend to help you do the back sections while you’re learning!

Do you think this is a look worth trying?  Ever used velcro rollers before? What do you use to get long-lasting body in your hair?th Share your thoughts in the comments!

And have a happy weekend!!


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How To: My Bridal Shower Hair Do (Part One)

Last week, I shared pictures from my bridal shower with you, and one commenter asked for a how-to on the hairstyle.  Here’s the look in question (sorry it’s a little small!):

Today, I’m going to break down the braid for you, and tomorrow, I’ll show you how to achieve the pony…  Here are the steps:

Step 1: Part your hair on the side of your head.

Step 2: Section out the front of your hair (about 2.5″ wide), to be used for the braid and pull the rest of your hair out of the way.

Step 3: Starting at the side part, create a skinny subsection and divide it into three to start your braid.

Step 4: From here, you’re continuing through the section with a french braid, but with one key difference: as you braid, wrap the strands under one another (rather than over).  Still confused?  Here’s a quick video.

Step 5: Once you reach the hair just beside the ear, braid the rest of the strand without incorporating any more hair from the head.

Step 6: Secure with a small hair elastic that blends in with your hair.

Ta Da! Not too difficult, I hope!  Check back tomorrow to learn how to create the curly pony and complete the look!

Have you braided your bangs like this before?  Do you have trouble braiding from side to side, rather than going back?  Are there any other hairstyles that you’d like me to do a tutorial on?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Writing Vows Is Tough!!

Now that the wedding is just under two months away (!!), Travis and I have started focusing on our vows.  And let me tell you, it’s not easy!!

If only I could give Travis a simple checklist like this…

Once Travis and I decided that we wanted to include our own words into our wedding ceremony, I started thinking about what exactly I would say.  I’m a writer, I thought, this will be a piece of cake.  WRONG!  How do you tell someone that you’ve spent every day loving for the past four years just how super-fantastic they are in 60 seconds or less?!  (And in front of 100+ people!!)

I’ve scoured the internet for help and ideas.  Fortunately, I found this cool resource from The Knot, which offers 20 questions you should answer on paper before officially starting your vows.  It definitely helps to spark ideas and memories, but I’ve still got a ways to go in order to finish my vows in a cohesive way.  My goal is to keep it loving and romantic, but I can’t resist throwing in a few funny memories from our relationship…

Wish me luck!!

Would you (or did you) write your own vows for your wedding?  As a wedding guest, do you prefer 100% romantic, sappy vows?  Or do you prefer a few lighthearted memories to be mixed in?  Any tips to help me decide what to say??  Please share in the comments!


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POLL: Do You Have Trouble Finding A Good-Fitting Bra? (I do!!)

I could not be more frustrated about this, and I hope I’m not alone!

You all know that in the past few months I’ve been eating more healthily and incorporating exercise into my weekly routine.  It’s made such a difference in my energy level, and—bonus!— I’ve managed to lose fifteen pounds!  The bad news?  My boobs have totally shrunk, too!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m still happy to look and feel healthier, but I was a pretty small-chested girl to begin with (34 B/C), so… yeah, I’m bummed.  I’ve shrunk out of all my old bras, which left me wearing sports bras for a few weeks until I finally made it Victoria’s Secret over the weekend to get fitted.

The first girl told me I was a 32 C.  I knew right away that she had no clue what she was talking about, and sure enough, the C cup was way too big (shame).  Another girl thought I was either a 34 A or a 32 B.  I tried on the A and was relieved to find that it was too small.  (I was not ready to accept that my boobs had shrunk a full cup and a half!)  I tried on the 32 B, which fit great in the cup, but not so much around my back.  The woman then told me that I was “between sizes” and would pretty much just have to deal with it.

I ended up buying a 34B, which is a little too big, but better than a sports bra… and it has some padding, so at least I can pretend that I’m the size I was a few months ago.  Am I the only one out there with bra-sizing issues?!

Have you had trouble finding good-fitting bras?  Which brands do you like best?  Have you ever changed bra sizes, like me?  Any advice for an in-between girl like myself?!  Please share your stories in the comments!


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Eat Better, Look Better

I had the pleasure of watching a really interesting presentation about food and skin care last week, so I thought I’d share a few tidbits with you!

I think deep down we know this already, but it bears repeating: if you want your skin to look its best, you have to eat and drink the right things.  Here are a few great skin-nourishers… how many of them do you eat?


Berries have antioxidants that help slow down the aging process, and give our skin a healthy, youthful glow.  And did you know that frozen blueberries actually have more antioxidants than fresh ones?  They’re picked and frozen at the absolute peak of freshness, so they’re jam-packed with awesome nutrients.


Water is a no-brainer, but most of us don’t get as much of it as we should.  Make sure you always have a bottle on hand, and you’ll totally see a difference in your skin.


Avocados are packed with B vitamins, which act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce redness in skin.


Almonds contain vitamin E, which moisturizes skin and protects it from harsh UV rays.


Eggs are a good source of vitamin A, which helps produce new skin cells and will help to keep you looking fresh.


Garlic and Onions contain sulphur, which helps to maintain skins’ smooth appearance.  (So happy these are on the list… they are total staples in our house!)


Do you eat many of the foods on this list?  Were you surprised to see any of them on there?  What do you do to keep your skin looking great?  Tell me in the comments!


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