Is There A Type Of Beauty Product That Never Quite Does The Trick For You?

I was talking recently with a group of women about beauty products, when we came to the conclusion that almost every woman has an item in their hair or makeup arsenal that they’re never quite satisfied with… is that true for you, too?


For me, it’s concealer.  I was blessed with relatively blemish-free skin, but I have some serious under eye circles that I feel like can never be fully covered up.  I’ve jumped around from one beauty counter to another, longing for a great solution.  But so far, I’ve been pretty unimpressed.

Another woman said that she had tried almost every mascara out there, but she couldn’t find one that could get her lashes to hold a curl for more than two minutes.

So I’d love to know…

Is there a hair or beauty product that you’re just not satisfied with?  How many different brands have you tried?  And do you have any makeup faves to suggest to those of us with this beauty dilemma?  Please share in the comments!


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Mother’s Day Gifts For Every Mom Out There…

Mother’s Day is Sunday!  Do you have a gift for your Mom yet?  If not, here are some fun options from around the web…

For the woman that loves to bake

For the coffee lover

For the woman with a sense of humor

For a mom with lots of style

And for a woman on the go

To be honest, I’d like a few of these items myself…

Have you picked out a gift for your mom yet?  How are you planning to celebrate Mother’s day?  Which of these gifts is your favorite?


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