Hot or Not: Feather Extensions

I learned how to put in hair extensions this week, including the newly-popular feather extensions.  And I’m dying to know what you ladies think of them!


This trend started in L.A. and is slowly making its way across the country.  I’m a big fan of the laid-back, unique vibe that they portray.  The come in all lengths and colors, and they last for months.  Bonus— they can be 100% styled with your hair (you can curl them, straighten them, blow them dry, etc…)

So what’s the verdict?

Do you think feather extensions are hot or not?  What color(s) would you choose if you got them?  Have you seen them popping up in your city or town?  Tell me what you think in the comments!

And if any of you lovely ladies live in the Bay Area and want to get a few of these babies, shoot me an email and I’ll hook you up! (


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Wedding Wednesday: Help Me Pick A Bathing Suit For My Honeymoon!

Travis and I are headed to Maui after the wedding, and I am looking so forward to the relaxation and alone time!  But that’s not the only fun part about a beach vacation… we get to go bathing suit shopping!

I usually buy inexpensive bathing suits from Target, but my mom told me recently that she wants to buy me a nice swim suit for my birthday, which I get to celebrate during our honeymoon!  (Thanks, mom!)

Here are a few I’m considering… which is your fav?

Retro and romantic, by J.Crew

Super colorful, by Victoria’s Secret

This Micoh suit is all about the back…

Love the tropical feel of this Carmen Marc Valvo suit.

Sexy black suit, by Despi.

So darn cute, by Maaji.

Which of these suits do you like best?  Are there any other brands or styles that I should consider?


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I’m Planning A BIG Post-Wedding Makeover! Want To Know What It Is?

I am counting down the minutes to my wedding… not only because I finally get to say “I do” to my very favorite person, but because the moment we get back from our honeymoon, I’m getting a pretty dramatic makeover!

First, a preface:

I’ve been growing my hair long and chopping it off for years.  I’ve worn my hair in a bunch of different styles, including a clipper cut when I was 12 (long story…)  When Travis and I started dating, I had a Victoria Beckham-style bob, which I grew out for the first two years of our relationship.

It got to the length that would normally compel me to chop it off, but I realized around that time that when Travis and I got married, I wanted to have long hair.  So I never cut it.

And it’s been long for a year or two too many!

So, at the end of September, I’m cutting AND coloring my hair to look like…


Michelle Williams!

It will definitely be a big change— I haven’t had my hair in a pixie cut since I was 13!— but I’m pretty excited about it.  Lots of people have told me to try going blonde, which I think I’ll be more likely to pull off with super-short hair.  I hope it turns out!

Have you ever had a dramatic makeover?  What prompted it?  Would you go for a look like the one I’m coveting?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Make Your Own Chalkboard On The Cheap!

We’ve discussed the cool things you can do with chalkboards, and Travis and I are incorporating a few of them into our wedding decor.  But rather than buying them, we’re making them ourselves!


I didn’t realize it before, but chalkboards can be expensive!!  So we did what we’ve been doing with almost every aspect of the wedding: we got crafty.

Here’s how we made a chalkboard of our own:

First, we bought this poster frame at a Japanese discount home goods store for $5.  We like the dark frame (and who cares if it’s faux-wood?) and it has a pretty sturdy backboard.  We removed the plastic panel (which is supposed to be like glass and protect whatever poster you put in it) and unhinged the backboard.

Note: The backboard is smooth, which is why this project worked.  If you try this yourself, make sure you’re working with a smooth surface (otherwise, replace it with one.)

We bought a can of chalkboard spray paint, also $5.  We chose this for two reasons: it’s cheaper than a quart of chalkboard paint ($12) and it allows for a quick, easy, mess-free application.

I took the backboard outside, sprayed it with the paint until it was evenly coated, and left it to dry for about an hour.  Then, I did another coat.

I put the new-and-improved backboard into the frame, and we had our chalkboard for $10!

How’d we do?  Have you ever used chalkboard paint (or spray paint!) before?  How’d it turn out?


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Friday Roundup!

Good morning, lovelies!  Let’s get our weekend started off right… check out this fun stuff from around the web!!

Check out this awesome art piece Travis and I bought this week!

I wish my to-do list looked like this…

Adorable, simple hair tutorial.

Beautiful jewelry from the hardware store!

Can you spot what’s wrong with these photos?

Loving these shift dresses

And in case you haven’t seen it yet: Baby Trashes Bar.

Got any fun web finds to share in the comments?  What are you up to this weekend?  (We’re dog-sitting for my parents— yay!)


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