Six Tips To Help You Look & Feel Great In Minutes!

We all have mornings when there’s no time to get ready, but with a few quick and easy tips, you can start off your day on the right foot.  Which of these will you incorporate into your morning routine?


1. Moisturize. Fresh, dewey skin makes us look younger and more awake.  And now that the weather is heating up, make sure any exposed areas are quenched.  (Bonus points for using tinted moisturizer on your face!)

2. Use perfume. Scents are such a huge part memory and emotion, so spritz a little bit of your favorite perfume for a quick pick-me-up.

3. Try a bold lipstick. Good news: a bare face + a bold lip are very fashionable for Spring, and it takes .7 seconds to achieve this look— so go for it!!

4. Rock a messy side braid. If every starlet in Hollywood has embraced this trend, you probably should too.  I’m a big fan of fishtail braids because they’re made to be messy, while still holding together well.

5. Groom your brows. It’s amazing how much eyebrows affect your overall look!  Take 60 seconds to tweeze away the strays, and your eyes will appear bigger and brighter.

6. Smile! Yes, I know this is cheesy.  But haven’t you noticed that on days when you tell yourself that everything is going wrong, things really do go terribly?  Well, work that karmic power in reverse!  It’s worth a try, right?

What tricks do you use in the morning when you want to look and feel great in just a few minutes?  Are any of these your go-to moves?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday POLL: Glasses On Your Wedding Day?

I was looking at the portfolio of our wedding photographer, Nicolette Clark, and getting really excited about our big day!  And during my browsing, I noticed something that really stood out to me…

This bride is wearing glasses!

When I think about it, very few brides that I’ve seen (in person and online) wear glasses on their big day.  In fact, the only one I could remember is from this wedding:

I’m not planning on wearing my glasses when Travis and I get married.  I do wear them pretty much every day, but I’ve only had glasses since October, and I don’t think people see me as a “glasses wearer”.  I think both of these brides are adorable, though, and I’m wondering if you fellow glasses-wearers would sport your specs on your wedding day.



Would you wear glasses on your wedding day if you also wore them in real life?  Would you wear them for a few photos, or for the whole night?  Do you like the look of brides in glasses, or do you think it’s a little strange?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Get The Look: A Maxi-Dress For Spring!

I’ve been a big fan of maxi dresses for years, so when I came across this laid-back look, I just had to share!


It’s just so effortless and put together.  (I’m not hating those bangs, either!)

Like this look as much as I do?  Get the same feel with the pieces below:

1) Maxi-mum Impact Dress, $87.99

2) Festival Fringe Bag, $62.76

3) Braided Chain Belt, $6.80

4) Cracked Pebble Ring, $3.80

5) Born Jewell Wedge, $140.00

It’s worth noting: I would definitely classify this look as “girl pretty” and not “guy pretty”.  (Travis thought I was joking when I showed him the inspiration photo.)  So, if you’re into this look, maybe wear it to a lunch with your friends and not a hot date…

Are you a fan of the maxi dress as much as I am?  Have you rocked this look, or are you still on the fence?  Do you dress differently for your friends than you do for your significant other?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Video Beauty Review: Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips?  Did they work well for you? What do you like/dislike about them?  (Send photos if you have ’em!)


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Happy Friday!!

The weekend is just about here, lovely readers!  I am looking very forward to going out to dinner tonight with my honey, but first let’s enjoy some fun posts from around the web…

These engagement rings are both unique and eco-friendly!  Thumbs up!!

5 tricks to getting a natural, flushed face (perfect for spring!)

An easy and affordable way to hang art.

Petra’s secret to shiny hair.

The sweetest portraits!

Simply scandinavian… I want those bowls!

Want to dress like Gwen Stefani on the cheap?

What are your plans for this weekend?  Going out and about, or getting cozy and staying in?  Has anyone started their Spring Cleaning yet?!  Tell me what you’re up to in the comments!

And stay tuned for Monday’s VIDEO POST!!


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