Have A Fabulous LONG weekend!

Thanks to all the presidents for givings us a nice long weekend.  (I’m off today and Monday, and Travis is working at home today so I get to hug him as much as I want— woo!)

I thought I’d end the week with a bunch of great posts from around the web… check ’em out!

I want to send this card to my dad.

Thanks to Brooklyn Bride for posting some of our engagement photos!!

Hilarious (and super realistic!) photographic recreations of childhood photos!

The Do’s and Don’ts of dressing denim-on-denim.

These linen market bags are definitely on my wish list!

Color blocking is getting me excited for Spring…

The 515 chemicals women put on their body every day (yikes!)

Velvet photo albums!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

What are your plans for the next few days?  Are you getting away or staying close to home?  Were you lucky enough to have today off too?!


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Good Morning, Sunshine!

It’s rainy and cold and I am especially sleepy this morning.  If you’re feeling the same way, here’s a little sunshine-y pick-me-up for you!







Yellow is my favorite color (and one of our wedding colors), and seeing or wearing it instantly brightens my day.

Do you have a harder time jump-starting your day when the weather is dreary? What do you use as a pick-me-up?  Do you have a favorite color to wear or to surround yourself with that boosts your energy?  Share in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: The Cutest Wedding Gift EVER!

I’ve been getting lots of little wedding-related gifts from family and friends since Travis and I got engaged.  But this one definitely takes the cake…


For Christmas, my mom gave me a customized wooden hanger, like the one above.  Only on mine, the wood was left natural and the wire spells out “Mrs. Guiley”, my soon-to-be last name!

I gasped and burst into tears when I saw it!  Honestly, someone could write Mrs. Guiley on a piece of cardboard and give it to me as a gift and I would be totally happy.  But I can’t wait to hang my wedding dress on this hanger for years to come!

Of course, I am totally lame and I forgot to take a photo of my hanger to show you.  But I’m heading back home for the weekend, so I’ll post it onto the blog soon, I promise!

If you have an engaged friend, sister, cousin, etc. and you’re looking for a gift for her bridal shower (or even her birthday) this is a guaranteed winner!  Even if she isn’t changing her name, the “bride” version is just as cute and so festive!

What do you think of the customized hanger?  Would you give this as a gift to an engaged friend?  If you were (or are) getting married, do you like the idea of having a special place to hang your dress?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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7 Tips For A Perfect Blowout At Home

Want hair like this?


Well, here’s how you can get it!

I do a LOT of blowouts at school, and I’ve picked up some great tricks for getting salon-worthy hair at home.  Check out these 7 tips for getting a great blowout in your own bathroom…

1. Dry your hair 80% of the way FIRST. Before you bust out your round brush or any styling products, turn on your dryer and run your fingers through your hair to get the bulk of the water out.

2. Apply volumizing spray to your roots for maximum oomph.

3. Use a boar bristle round brush. Not only does this tame the frizzies, it grips your hair better, making it much easier to maneuver.

4. Work in controlled sections and roll to the scalp. Rather than randomly going through your hair with a round brush, start at the bottom and clip the rest of your hair out of the way.  Take a section of hair in your brush and dry it completely, then roll your brush all the way into your scalp for volume and bounce.

5. Go against the grain. For areas where you want extra volume (e.g. the crown), pull the hair in the opposite direction that it naturally grows while you blow it dry.

6. Blast each section with cool air before you move on. This will help to set the curl at the ends and prevent flyaways.

7. Finish with a shine serum, like this one from Kenra.

Want to see it done?  Check out this great video by Glamour.

Good luck!

Do you have trouble getting a high-quality blowout on your own?  Have you tried any of these tips?  Got any of your own to share?  Let’s talk blowouts in the comments!


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White By Vera Wang Is In Stores! Which Dress Is Your Favorite?

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely readers!  Let’s keep it romantic by looking at more beautiful wedding dresses…

White by Vera Wang— the collection that Vera designed for David’s Bridal (and the line I modeled for in Glamour)— is finally in stores!  Check out the collection and tell me what you think!

#1: Organza Fit and Flare (also comes in white & ivory)

#2: Ball Gown With Asymmetrically Draped Bodice (also comes in blush)

#3: One Shoulder Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#4: V-Neck Ball Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#5: Satin Faced Organza Fit and Flare (ivory only)

#6: Soft Net Gown (comes in white & ivory)

#7: One Shoulder Structured Fit and Flare (ivory only)

#8: Satin Faced Organza Ball Gown (white & ivory)

#9: Satin Faced Organza Gown with Removable Illusion Sleeve (ivory only)

#10: Draped Charmeuse Halter Gown (comes in blush, ivory & white)

#11: Strapless Net Gown (ivory & white)

#12: V Neck Soft A Line (ivory only)

Aren’t these gowns beautiful?

Which of these gowns would you most like to wear?  Would you wear a colored wedding gown or would you prefer white/ivory?  Are you excited to know that a big-name designer is making wedding gowns that all women can afford?  Let’s chat about it in the comments.


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