Colorful Gowns Galore!

How awesome was it to see so much color on the red carpet last night?!  For those who missed it, here’s a recap:

Anne Hathaway

Mila Kunis

Amy Adams

Jennifer Hudson

Scarlett Johansson

Sandra Bullock

Natalie Portman

I have to say, after Natalie Portman’s Golden Globe dress disaster, I am so happy to see her gorgeous Oscar pick!

Which of these dresses is your favorite?  Any that you don’t like?  Do you like seeing stars taking risks with color on the red carpet?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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POLL: How Do You Feel About Massages?

Let me start by saying that I love being massaged.  Back, neck, feet, hands, scalp… you name it and I love it.  And until I met Travis, I assumed that all people  enjoy a good rub down as much as I do.


False.  He loves getting his hands massaged, since he works on computers all day, but other than that… no way.

And now that I’m working in the beauty world— giving manicures, pedicures, facials, etc…— I’ve found that there are some clients who do NOT want to be massaged under any circumstances..

So I’m dying to know where you lovely readers fall on the spectrum!


Are you a massage-lover, like me, or do you prefer not to be touched?  Do you have one specific body part that you especially love to be rubbed?  Is there a spot that you hate having massaged?  Tell me in the comments!  (And have a lovely weekend!!)


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Would You Try This Sneaky Little Foundation Trick?

I heard about a trick to save money on foundation, and I want to know how you feel about it…

I’m not a big foundation-wearer, but I like having it on hand, just in case.  I’ve had a hard time finding a good match at the drugstore, though, and since I don’t wear it all the time, I’m not into buying a super-expensive department store brand.  Enter… sneaky foundation trick.

Here’s how it works: you go to a department store and let one of the girls at the makeup counter find you the perfect shade of foundation.  Ask for a sample so you can “test” it out to see how it lasts, then take the sample to a drugstore and hold it up to the foundation bottles until you get a match.

This trick will save you money— not only because you’ll be buying a cheaper drugstore brand, but because you won’t buy a bunch of different shades in an attempt to find a match.  But is it ethical?

If I wore foundation all the time, I think I would splurge for the high-end, department store brands.  (It is going all over your skin, after all!)  But in a situation like mine, where I rarely use foundation, I might consider doing this.

I’m torn… what would you do?

Would you use this trick to save money on your makeup or do you feel like it’s wrong?  When you visit a department store beauty counter, do you feel pressure to buy something?  Have you ever asked for samples of high-end products without ever intending to purchase them?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Want To See Our Save-The-Dates?!

The wedding is just under  7 months away, and we finally got to send out our save-the-dates last week!  They were extra-exciting to put in the mail because we chose to launch our wedding website (which Travis had been working so diligently on for weeks!) at the same time.

So, you want to see how they turned out?

Here’s the front:

…and here’s the back:

We chose to send out postcards because 1) they only cost 28 cents to mail and 2) they’re easy enough for people to hang on their fridge without taking up too much space.

It feels good to have another wedding-related task checked off the list!

What do you think of our save-the-dates?  Would you send out postcards, or do you have another good idea?  Have you received any save-the-dates lately?  Tell me about ’em in the comments!


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Your Questions, Answered: Find My Sister A Wedding Dress!

Today I’m answering a question sent in by a reader, just like you!  Josie writes:

My sister’s getting married in July and is currently shopping for a wedding dress. She generally likes simple, organic-looking (and affordable!) fashion. The ceremony will be outside on a ranch and bridesmaids are each wearing a light floral dress of their choosing. Since you are currently entrenched in the wedding world, do you have any idea of where she could find a cool dress?

Thanks for writing in, Josie!  I’ll take any excuse to browse wedding gowns…  I’ve found a few options that might be up your sister’s alley.  And they’re all $1,500 and under!  Check ’em out:

I immediately thought of Sarah Seven when you emailed.  They have lots of romantic, organic options all under $2,000.  (The one above is $1,500.)

Take away the cathedral veil and this White by Vera Wang gown is simple and absolutely lovely.  Bonus: it’s only $600!

I’m not sure whether the front or the back of this Nicole Miller dress is more beautiful… get it for $730 at Bloomingdales.

This Romina gown by J. Crew ($1,200) is rustic and playful.

Or for $895, J. Crew’s Chiffon & Organza Dune Gown is a lovely, ethereal choice.

Hope this helps, Josie!  I’d love to see photos of the gown she picks (whether it’s one of these or another one!)

Which of these wedding dresses do you like best for Josie’s sister?  Which would you choose for yourself?  Got any other good ideas? (Comment with a link!)

If you have a beauty/fashion/relationship question of your own, shoot an email to and it could be answered on the blog!


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