Your Questions, Answered: Help KC Pick A Hairstyle!

The lovely KC (from one of my fav blogs, Thrifty Solutions For An Urban Gal) is heading to a wedding and needs some hairstyle advice. Check out these looks and vote for your favorite!  She writes:

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and need some ideas of what to do with my hair!  It’s in the midwest and I don’t want to check a bag so I can’t bring a lot of hair product with me.  Any suggestions of a look?  (I’m wearing a super short dress with a high neckline with tights and heels).

Thanks for writing in, KC!  Here are my thoughts… the fact that you’re wearing a dress with a high neckline means that if you wear your hair down, you risk visually shortening your neck.  To keep yourself looking long and lean, I’d definitely stick with an updo, and I’ve found a few great options for you.

The big trick is to stay away from anything too bridal or bridesmaid-y, so a more casual version (read: no curly tendrils!) is going to be most appropriate.  Check out these looks:

LOOK #1: Kristen Bell keeps it fun and flirty with twists and braids.

LOOK #2: Update a classic french twist by teasing your hair in front and leaving it a little undone.

LOOK #3: A low, knotted side bun is laid back but beautiful.  (And could easily be accessorized with a clip or flower.)

LOOK #4: Or— if you’re feeling fashion-forward— go for a super-high bun, a la Cameron Diaz.

The great news is that for all of these looks you only need a comb, a few bobby pins, a hair tie, and some travel-sized hair spray!

Which updo should she choose?


Which of these hairstyles should KC wear to her weekend wedding?  Which of them would you most like to wear?  Do you agree that high necklines look nice with updos, or would you wear your hair down?  Let’s chat wedding hair in the comments!

If you have a question or need some advice, shoot me an email to!


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Cheer Up Your Old Shoes!

It’s the New Year!  Which means that despite the chilly weather, it’s time to add a little oomph to our wardrobes.

I’ve got a couple of plain old flats laying around the house that I don’t wear because they’ve lost their “brand-new-super-cute” appeal.  The solution?  Shoe clips!

These clips would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid!

The little bowties are adorable, too!

These mustard yellow flowers match our wedding colors— swoon…

Or add some sparkle with beaded shoe clips!

And don’t forget: shoe clips can be worn on the back of your flats or heels as well.  The great thing about them is that you can switch it up as much as you’d like!

Not into spending a lot of dough?  Buy a couple of artificial flowers (or tie a bow with some cute ribbon) and hot glue it to a hair clip for the same effect!

What do you think of these cute shoe clips?  Do you have a pair of old flats that could use a little sprucing up?  Would you rather purchase a pair, or are you into making them yourself?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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POLL: What Do You Think Of The Obama Flip Flop Scandal?

People across the nation have been in a tizzy over this photo of President Obama buying ice cream for his daughters in Hawaii.  In case you haven’t seen it, check it out below:


Breaking News: Our president is just like us.  He wears flip flops to the beach.

According to historians, this is the first time in history that a president has shown his toes in public.  And personally, I don’t see the problem with that.  Perhaps it isn’t the most professional fashion choice, but it’s not like he’s walking into the Oval Office in board shorts.

Do you disagree?


Do you think President Obama should have worn close-toed shoes on vacation?  Or do you think people are making too big a deal out of it?  What do you think of men who wear flip flops in general?  Hot or not?  Let’s chat footwear in the comments!


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Beautiful Bathrooms…

My parents are in the process of updating a bathroom in preparation for the wedding (am I lucky to have them, or what?!), which has me fantasizing about the bathroom remodels Travis and I will get to do one day…

Check out these great bathroom spaces:






I can’t wait to show you guys photos of my parents’ renovation!

Are you as obsession with remodeling as I am?  Which of these bathrooms is your favorite?  Do you fantasize about future renovations?  Ever re-done a bathroom?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Are You Into DIY?

I’ve always been a big fan of do-it-yourself projects, and weddings provide endless opportunities for these sorts of endeavors.  But I know other ladies who’d rather hire a pro to get stuff done.  Which are you?

(So many great DIY ideas online!  Like these ones from The Knot.)

Part of the reason I’m attracted to building and creating elements with our own two hands is financial— in most cases, it saves a bundle.  But beyond that, I love that by putting our own stamp on a bunch of elements of the wedding, it becomes more personal and is a great reflection of who Travis and I are as a couple.

Here’s a list of some of our DIY wedding projects:

-Wedding website (built 100% by Travis— with input from me… he is a web designer, after all.)

-Save The Dates (designed by us, printed by Overnight Prints)


-Place Cards

-Escort Cards


-Various decor items (signs, table runners, etc…)

There are more, and I’m sure the list will continue growing… it’s only overwhelming about 30% of the time.

What are your thoughts on DIY wedding projects?  Would you— or did you— personalize or create aspects of your wedding by hand?  Or is it worth saving the time and hiring a pro for the job?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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