White Wall Inspiration

A close friend of mine is redecorating her bedroom, but has to keep her walls white.  This is a common problem for many renters, but fortunately it IS POSSIBLE to create an interesting, homey space without adding color to the walls.

Here are some great examples:

Use a BIG piece of art on the wall and combine it with with lots of little colorful trinkets on the windowsill.

Choose one or two bold accent colors and keep everything else neutral.

Or keep it chic by being entirely monochromatic.

Use bookcases to display more than just books.

And if all else fails, add a headboard that pops!

Have you ever been challenged to decorate a room without painting?  Know of any good tricks to add interest to a white room?  Are you inspired by any of the rooms above?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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Upcycled Design Bliss

Sorry for the late start this morning, lovely readers.  I’ve been sucked into the world of upcycling.  For the longest time, I thought that upcycling and recycling were the same thing.  But there’s an important difference: upcycling takes items that are considered useless and ups their value by giving them new life.

Pretty cool, huh?  And check out these gorgeous upcycled accents for your home— swoon!

This is the piece that first inspired my upcycle research. It’s made of an old wood palette and a few antique spoons!

How clever is this blender light fixture?!

Each of these bird mirrors is hand crafted from old mirrors that would have otherwise been thrown away.

I am dying to get my hands on one of these brazilian coffee bag pillow covers!

I’ve always been a fan of vinyl record bowls.  (You can easily make your own with these instructions.)

Who knew?! An old plate attached to a glass candle holder= a cake or cupcake stand!

What do you think of these upcycled products?  Which is your favorite?  Do any of these products inspire you to try making one yourself?  Let’s chat about upcycling in the comments!


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Fashion Week Creepiness

Have you seen the makeup from the Patrick Mohr show at German Fashion Week?!  It’s insane…

Check out the blank faces of his models…


Weird, right?  The makeup artists covered up the models’ eyebrows and lips to create empty looking faces, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I do believe that it’s less creepy than his models’ look last season.  Check out this bearded lady on the runway:


I know that fashion shows are all about being over-the-top, and hair and makeup plays a big part of that.  But sometimes I wonder where the line is.  At the end of the day, it’s about the clothes.  And when the styling gets too crazy, it feels like a distraction from that.

What do you think of the hair and makeup for the Patrick Mohr shows?  Does it creep you out or do you think it’s appropriate in a fashion show setting?  When it comes to hair and makeup, how far is too far on the runway?  Let’s discuss in the comments!


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Hot Or Not: High-Waisted Jeans

Word on the street is that 2011 will be the year that high waisted jeans make a comeback and I want to know what you think…


If we all looked like the model in the picture above, I would be all over this trend.  There’s something so put together about this look that is cute without any stuffiness.

But you may all remember the Jessica Simpson debacle of 2009, proving that even thin women can look extra-heavy in pants like this.

I’m torn… I don’t want to say this trend is a don’t, but unless I lose 20 pounds, there’s no way I can pull it off… what are your thoughts?


How do you feel about high-waisted jeans making a comeback?  Are you a fan, or should this one be left to the models?  What kind of tops would you pair with high-waisted jeans? Let’s discuss in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Convertible Bridesmaid Dresses

I am swooning over this convertible bridesmaid dress by Two Birds.  Brides are always searching for dresses that flatter their bridesmaids, and it’s always a bonus to find something they can re-wear.

The beauty of this dress: it’s actually 15 dresses in one, depending on how you wrap it.  Here are a few examples:

How cool is that?  And check out all of the gorgeous color choices:

The dress comes in 2 lengths and can be ordered in one color or in 2.  Two Birds has won me over— what about you?

What do you think of this convertible bridesmaid dress?  If you were a bride, would you pick it for your girls?  If you were a bridesmaid, would you be excited to wear it?  Let’s chat about it in the comments!


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