Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, lovely readers!!


These are the words I plan to live by in 2011…

I hope you have a fantastic, safe celebration tonight.  Travis and I are in hibernation, and I could not be happier about it!  2010 has been an amazing year, and I am super excited for 2011.  (Wedding, yay!)

Thank you all so much for reading.  See you next year!

What are your plans for New Years?  What were your highlights of 2010?  Looking forward to anything particular in 2011?  Are you making any resolutions?


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Stacking Rings

Ever since Travis and I got engaged, I haven’t really worn any other rings.  I have a number of cute rings that I’ve collected over the years, and before I got the ring, I wore them all the time.  I probably won’t be wearing anything too flashy, but I would totally make an exception for stacking rings.

I am beyond obsessed with them lately, so I thought I’d do a little virtual shopping on this cozy Thursday morning…






Are you a fan of stacking rings?  Which of these is your favorite?  Would you (or do you) wear other rings while also wearing your engagement/wedding ring?  Tell me what you think in the comments!


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Wedding Wednesday: Want To See Our Engagement Photos?

Yay!  I’ve been waiting ages to show you all some of our engagement photos!!

We had them taken at the beginning of November during our trip to New York City.  We had the pleasure of working with Judy Pak Chung, a super talented photographer who’s “officially” launching her business early next year.  (More news on that in a couple of months.)

The photos were taken at Grand Central Terminal and the NYC Public Library.  Have a look…

Thanks so much to Judy for the amazing photos!  We couldn’t be happier…


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Cat Eyes

I don’t know what it is, but I’m loving the cat eye look right now.  There are so many ways to wear it, and it just feels more dressed up than my regular ‘ol makeup.

Here are a few great cat eye looks from around the web:

Bridget Bardot.

Mischa Barton’s double cat eye from afar.

…and up close.

Nicole Richie keeps it polished.

And Leighton Meester tones it down.

The trick with this look is to keep the rest of your face pretty neutral like each of these lovely ladies did.  Let your eyes be the focal point!

Are you a fan of the cat eye look?  What about the double cat eye?  Perhaps this is good a New Years Eve beauty look?  Stay tuned later in the week for a tutorial on how to create the perfect cat eye.  But in the mean time, tell me what you think in the comments!


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Modified Tent Dress

Sorry for the late post today, lovely readers.  Travis’ birthday was yesterday, and that combined with the craziness of the holidays has me moving a little slower today… but I hope you all had a super fantastic Christmas!

Travis and I got to dress up for Christmas Eve, and because of our tight, we’re-paying-for-a-wedding budget, I was not into spending money on a new dress.  So I decided to make a new dress out of one that I already owned.

The original dress had baggy, 3/4 length sleeves and fell wide enough from my body that it needed some sort of belt.  I rarely wore it because the combination of baggy sleeves and baggy body was a little overwhelming.  (Similar to the one below.)


So, I cut off the sleeves to mellow it out a bit, and instead of using a regular belt, I came up with an idea that I am super in love with…

I put a cute headband around my waist!  I totally failed at getting a full-body shot of myself in this outfit, but this one will give you the idea.

The headband was $3.80 from Forever 21 (get it here) and the dress was handed down to me by a friend, so overall, this was a very inexpensive transformation.

What do you think of my modified dress?  Have you ever used unlikely accessories for reasons other than what they’re intended for?  Did you get to dress up for Christmas?


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