News Flash: Backcombing Can Be Beautiful!

Not a lot to say today… instead, I am giving you a weekend challenge: backcombing.

Until recently, I associated backcombing with the 1980’s and Snooki.  But keep your eye out and you’ll find that this hairstyling technique can be truly beautiful.


See what I’m talking about?!

To try it yourself: Grab a small section of hair and, starting about 3 inches from the scalp, use a fine-tooth comb to push it down toward the head.  (It helps to spray it with hairspray.)  Then, smooth it over by brushing very lightly, and continue styling.  It doesn’t have to be super dramatic— even a little bit of volume can add a lot of oomph to your look!

Are you up for trying backcombing this weekend?  Is this a style you normally wear?  Are you convinced that it can be pretty and not “Snooki”?  (Send me photos if you do it!)  And have a great weekend!!


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Want To See My New Haircut?

I’ve been growing out my hair for ages, knowing that at cosmetology school I would likely be messing around with it nonstop.  You all saw how long it was here, and I’d finally had enough.  So last night, I went to the salon and got SIX INCHES taken off!  Want to see?

My hair is still getting used to the bangs, which means I have to deal with them hanging in my face for a bit.  Even so, it feels sooo good to have some shape to my hair again, and it feels oh-so-healthy.

In an effort to grow out my locks, I wasn’t visiting the salon regularly.  But this time it got a little out of hand.  Once I started counting, I realized that it had been six whole months since my last trim!  (Kind of embarrassing, considering my status as a cosmetology student and beauty-blogger…)

Needless to say, it was much needed and very appreciated!

How often do you get your hair cut or trimmed?  Do you have one stylist that you swear by, or do you jump around from place to place?  When you’re growing out your hair, do you continue to get it trimmed regularly, or do you space out your visits a little more?


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Wedding Wednesday: A Big Weekend Coming Up!!

Travis and I are driving home for the weekend to visit family and participate in two of the more delightful aspects of wedding planning: engagement photos and food tasting!  I can’t wait…


Remember these engagement photos I posted on the blog over the summer?  Travis and I finally get to take some of our own!  I’m not usually a big fan of getting my photo taken, but I feel like this will be a special thing to look back on, and I’m really happy that we decided to go for it.  We spent this past weekend getting our outfits together, and I am currently scrambling to find someone who can give me a nice haircut on short notice!

As if that weren’t enough, we also get to meet up with a caterer to taste a bunch of yummy food on Sunday!  We picked a bunch of items from her menu, and I seriously don’t know how we’re going to narrow it down.

Travis and I have both been so busy lately— I can’t wait to get back into the wedding spirit, and I really can’t wait to share our photos with you!

Did you/would you take engagement photos?  Would you incorporate them into your wedding, or put them in an album for posterity?  And what’s the best dish you’ve ever eaten at a wedding?  Share in the comments!


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Get Your Makeup To Last All Day Long!

It may be Fall, but my makeup still has a tendency to melt off as the day progresses.  And I’m guessing that many of you have experienced similar dilemmas.  Good thing there’s an easy solution to keep you from having to re-apply throughout the day!

The answer: setting powder!

I’ve known about setting powder for a long time, but I’d never used it (even though I needed it so badly!)  It’s super easy to use: just put on your makeup as you would normally, then put a little bit of this translucent powder on a foundation brush or puff, and dust it all over your face.

I’m so happy to have discovered this stuff before the wedding!!  The last thing I want to be doing on my wedding day is worrying about my makeup.

Want to try it yourself?  Here are some options:

-The powder pictured above is made by Cover FX and sells for $32 at Sephora.

-Or try it in a smaller size: Make Up For Ever sells a travel size for $15.

-Get the biggest bang for your buck with Physician’s Formula (just $10.95 at!)

Do you wear translucent powder over your makeup?  What brand do you like most? Got any other tips for keeping your makeup in place?  Share ’em in the comments!


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Check Out These Interior Barn Doors!

Yet another reason why I want to buy a house ASAP… check out these amazing interior barn doors (via You Are My Fave… a great blog, check it out)!

Sigh… so gorgeous.

Are you a fan of this look?  Which of these do you like best?  What interior design changes would you make to your home if you could do anything to it?


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