Wedding Wednesdays: Which Traditions Are Important To You?

As we navigate through the wedding planning, I’ve learned one especially surprising thing about Travis: he’s way more traditional than I am!


Don’t get me wrong.  I love traditions as much as the next girl, but only when they’re really meaningful to me.  For example, I have no attachment to or understanding of the bouquet toss, so I don’t plan on having one, even though it’s a pretty common wedding tradition.  (I’m not knocking it— just not my thing.)

I do, however, love the “something old, something new…” concept, and will definitely be getting that in order before the big day.  (More on that later.)

In fact, most of the classic wedding scenarios we will be participating in are happening because they’re important to Travis.  (Fine by me, as long as they’re important to somebody!)  He insists on waiting to see me in my wedding dress until I walk down the aisle.  No first look, no descriptions or photos of the dress leading up to the ceremony.

Personally, I find it pretty endearing that Travis is the one pushing for the more classic wedding elements.  I think it definitely balances out my less traditional tendencies.  (Just another reason why we’re perfect for each other, no?)

Is your guy more traditional than you?  If you’re already married, which classic elements did you use in your ceremony/reception? What do you unmarried gals see as a part of your wedding day?  Let’s talk tradition in the comments!


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