Love Is In The Air!

I am so so so excited for today’s post because it mashes together two of my favorite things: awesome people and awesome photography!

When my friend, Tina, posted a few of her engagement photos on Facebook, I ran straight to her photographer to get the images!  Jo Ann Manolis is a photographer based out of Santa Cruz, Ca whose ability to capture sweet, romantic moments is rather astonishing.  Here’s what she said about the shoot:

“I always strive to capture images that reflect the unique personalitiesof my subjects. This was incredibly easy with Tina and Ryan, who were so relaxed and comfortable just being together. We went for a casual outdoor session at one of my favorite local venues, complete with a gorgeous setting sun and a field of blooming wildflowers. Of course, the real shining stars were Tina and Ryan who simply radiated with happiness and contentment.”

Now, take a look at some of the shots!

Aren’t they gorgeous?!  Check out more of her work at!

(And I have to give a big Congrats to Tina and her husband, Ryan, who just got married last weekend!)

What do you think of these photos?  Would you (or did you) get an engagement session done?  Any favorite spots that you’d love to have a photo shoot in?  Tell me all about it in the comments, and have a happy weekend!


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POLL: When Did You Last Dye Your Hair?

I found this photo of Lauren Conrad yesterday, and I couldn’t stop looking at her hair!


You’ll notice that her roots are a darky, dusty blonde, while her tips are super light.  The thing I like about this style is that it’s a new take on the “dipped tip” look.  In other words, you can’t see a defined line where her stylist bleached the ends.  Instead, it slowly fades from dark to light, and some of the under-strands are super light from root to tip.  (As an aside, I also love her nail color in this photo!)

I used to be obsessed with hair color— I’ve dyed my hair just about every color imaginable.  I’ve mellowed out big time in the past few years after my teenage hair was ravaged by bleach, but seeing photos like this make me miss the freedom of trying new colors!  (It also makes me super excited to start cosmetology school, so I can do it to others!)

I haven’t dyed my hair in months and months, but I’m suddenly getting the urge… what about you?



How did you answer the poll?  When you last dyed your hair did you get highlights, lowlights, a full dye job, or something else?  What’s the wildest color you’ve ever tried (mine has been pink!)  Bonus points for sending photos to!!


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Wedding Wednesday: Finding a Venue

When Travis and I first got engaged, I had collected little pieces of inspiration from around the web: color palettes, flower arrangements, a bridesmaid dress or two.  I was sure that all of the little details would overwhelm me, so I wanted to get going on them right away.

I quickly learned that I couldn’t do ANYTHING until we picked a venue.


I went dress shopping, but I wasn’t able to pick a style because I couldn’t envision the ceremony.  I started researching photographers, but I couldn’t tell them the exact date that we were getting married because I wasn’t sure if the venue of our dreams would have the date available.

We looked at location after location— even finding an amazing spot before learning that it was way out of our price range— and I was beginning to get super disappointed!  And then finally, over the weekend, we found it: a beautiful little vineyard that just happens to be located right in between our respective parents’ houses!

Suddenly, I knew which dress I wanted to wear down the aisle.  I was able to contact vendors with an exact wedding date.  And best of all, I finally had a backdrop when I pictured our special day.

Unmarried gals: What kind of atmosphere do you picture for your wedding day?  Do you want to be inside or outside?

And Married gals: Did you find it hard to plan your wedding until you knew the venue? What type of location did you eventually choose?


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Hot or Not: Long Peasant Skirts

A sister to the maxi dress, long peasant skirts have been popping up on all kinds of celebs lately.  (Isn’t it funny how the same trends come back again and again?)


Their flowy quality can be great for summer, and I’m always a fan of a little boho-chic, but the pictures above (from prove that this look relies heavily on the way it’s styled.  Vanessa Hudgens is taking it all the way with an equally flowy top and beachy waves.  Lake Bell, on the other hand, has chosen to pair her skirt with an outdated 3/4 sleeve top and a too-tight scarf.

Assuming the look is well styled, what do you think of long peasant skirts?


How did you answer the poll?  Are you a fan of this look or are you hoping it will fizzle soon?  Do you own a peasant skirt?  Any other trends you’re loving (or hating) right now?


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Break a Sweat, and Look Good Doing It!

My dad is an ultra runner, which means that a couple times a year, I get to see him run marathons.  Yesterday, he ran the San Francisco Marathon and kicked some serious butt— it was such a blast to be a part of!  Each time I watch him complete one of these races, I get super inspired to begin a serious exercise regimen myself, and this marathon was no exception.

In order to give myself more of a nudge, I scoured the internet for some cute workout gear… check it out:

Even if you’re the only one who’ll be seeing your sports bra, it’s fun to look cute underneath your clothes!  This is one of many cute bra patterns at Old Navy.

Old Navy also makes cute, lightweight sweatshirts.  And at $8 a pop, you can afford to get one in every color!

If you’re looking for a sturdy (and cute!) pair of running shoes, check out this option from Nike.

I love these running skirts!  What a fun way to feel girly while breaking a sweat!

And keep all your workout gear in this adorable bag by Dakine.

I think this just might be the push I need to get myself in shape!  (If nothing else, I do have a wedding to look good for!)

Is it important to you to look cute while you work out?  Are you more likely to get out there and break a sweat if you feel put-together?  Do you have any workout goals you’re trying to attain?  Tell me about it in the comments!


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