Bested by the Outnet, Consoled by Etsy

Remember that $1 sale on that I told you all about a couple of weeks ago?  For those of you who signed up, you know that the time of the sale was a secret, but that it would start sometime today.  I had a feeling they would do it either super early or super late, so I prepared myself ahead of time.

I picked out 5 items that I really loved a few days ago, so I’d be ready to type in their product numbers and hope that one of them was still available.  I went to bed a little after midnight (California time), but I set my alarm to go off every hour on the hour, so I could check my email and see if the sale started.  Sure enough, when it woke me at 4 a.m., the email was in my inbox.

Here’s what I did wrong:

1) Slept.  I got the email at 3:45, but didn’t wake up ’til 4, so I lost 15 valuable minutes.

2) Lived in California.  It was nearly 7 a.m. for your East Coast folks.  Grrr…

3) Didn’t read carefully.  Apparently, not everything on the site was on sale (including the 5 items I happened to pick out ahead of time.)  So, by the time I checked the items I actually wanted, everything was sold out.

Basically, I was SO CLOSE to scoring an awesome deal.  But, unfortunately, no cigar.  Which would be fine, except that I woke up in such a frenzy , that now I can’t fall back asleep for the life of me!  (I don’t usually blog at 5 a.m. on only 4 hours sleep, so forgive me if this post makes little sense.)

But I refuse to end my blog week on a bad note, so I’d like to share the one awesome purchase I made this week that puts me in a good mood every time I think about it.

Let me start by saying that Travis surprised me this week when I came home from work to a little office nook that I could call my own.  I have desperately been wanting a desk, but I didn’t think we had room in our tiny apartment.  Somehow, he found a way, and it completely made my week.  Thanks, Travis!!

Okay, so back to my purchase… naturally, I wanted to decorate my awesome nook because there are few things I hate more than bare white walls.  Thanks to Thrifty Solutions for an Urban Girl, I came across this adorable print on Etsy:

I fell in love instantly, and I knew it would be perfect to hang up next to my desk.  (I am a writer, after all.)  KeepCalmShop sells all kinds of cute “keep calm” posters (including “Keep Calm Carry On” and “Keep Calm Eat Cupcakes”) in just about every color imaginable.

So, there it is… I was definitely bested by The Outnet, but as always, Etsy was there to cheer me up!  (I can’t wait to get my print in the mail!!)

Did any of you lovelies magically score on The Outnet sale this morning?  Did you try and fail like I did?  Have you made any other awesome purchases lately?  Cheer me up and tell me about it in the comments!

And don’t forget— today is the last day to enter this week’s giveaway!  Check it out here.


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POLL: Should Jay or Mila go to Bryant Park?

Project Runway is scheduling a showdown tonight in part one of their season seven finale! Last week, the judges told Mila and Jay that they would both have the opportunity to design collections, but only one of them would make it to fashion week.  Who do you think deserves to move on?

Here is a reminder of Jay’s design from last week:

photo courtesy of

And Mila’s:

photo courtesy of

Personally, I tend to like Jay’s work over Mila’s.  I like wearable pieces, and Mila’s esthetic just doesn’t do it for me.  But the girl can sew… it may just come down to personal taste.  Or maybe the judges will throw another curveball and let both of them through to fashion week!

(Think YOU have what it takes to win Project Runway?  Click here for an application to be a part of Season 8!)

So let’s hear it…

Who do you want to see in Bryant Park along with Seth Aaron and Emilio?  Do you think the judges will surprise us all and let all four designers show their collections? (It’s been done before!)  And is there anyone who isn’t going to fashion week that you think deserves to be there?

PLUS— don’t forget to click here to sign up for this week’s giveaway!


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Wednesday Giveaway: More bathtime deliciousness from L’Occitane!

Hello Lovelies!  Wednesdays are the best day for a giveaway, don’t you think?  It sure makes that mid-week lull a little more bearable!  Well check out what I have for you this week…

A great little sample size bath set from L’Occitane!

This set includes L’Occitane Verbena Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel, PLUS their Shea Butter Soap, and a Refreshening Cloth with Shea Extract!  These products smell so clean and fresh— you’ll feel like you’re away on a spa retreat in your own bathroom.

Here’s how you can enter:

1) Leave a comment on this post for ONE entry.

2) Leave a comment on another post (and tell me about it here) for ONE entry.

3) Become a fan of {blending beautiful} on Facebook (and tell me about it here) for TWO entries.

4) Follow {blending beautiful} on Twitter (and tell me about it here) for TWO entries.

5) Post a link to {blending beautiful} on your blog or website (and tell me about it here) for FOUR entries.

All entries must be in by Midnight on Friday.  The name of the winner will be posted on the blog on Monday, and you must check back in order to win.  If you are chosen, email me at within 24 hours to claim your prize, or I will choose a new winner.

Good luck!

Update: Congratulations to our winner, Jennifer Bobbitt.  Email me ( within 24 hours to claim your prize!


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Your questions, answered: Choosing the right sunscreen

Today I am answering a question from a reader, just like you!  Alexa writes:

The world of sunscreens is overwhelming, so how do you choose the right sunscreen? Some leave your skin way too greasy, while some don’t have a broad enough spectrum or enough antioxidants. Help!

Let me start by saying this: as Spring approaches and we can finally see the sun, sunscreen makes its way to the forefront of our minds.  But sunscreen should be worn every single day, regardless of the weather.  Which is why it is SO important to develop a sunscreen routine today, if you haven’t done so already.

I hope she reapplied!

One of Alexa’s concerns had to do with antioxidants, which have been proven to help provide further skin protection beyond SPF.  The key antioxidant used in some sunscreens is Vitamin E, which helps the skin create a sun barrier and can be lost when you exercise outdoors.

As Alexa mentioned, some sunscreens can leave you feeling so greasy— yuck!— which is why you should start by using different products for your face and body.  We’re not kids anymore… no need to slather that thick Banana Boat on our faces.

Try these tips instead:

-On normal days when you won’t be at the beach or out in the elements for long periods of time, opt for a tinted moisturizer with SPF.  This option is especially good for folks with normal or dry skin.  You’ll still get the benefit of a tan without the harsh skin damage, plus you’ll be protecting yourself all day long!  Stila’s Sheer Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 gets great reviews and comes in a range of colors for every skin tone.  Get it at for $36.

-The Stila Tinted Moisturizer is oil free, but for those of you with oily or combination skin, you might also want to check out bareMinerals foundation with SPF 15, also from Sephora.

-If you are spending lots of time in the sun, this is when those antioxidants will be most important.  Coppertone has a new line of NutraShield sunscreens that are separated into formulas for both your face and body.  I’ve read great reviews about this product— it sinks in quickly, doesn’t leave a greasy residue, and it lasts!  Get both the face and body formulas on

-Don’t forget your lips!  Make sure you use a chapstick or lipstick with SPF as well!  My favorite is Softlips, which you can pick up at any drugstore (they even have tinted Softlips, if you’re still lookin’ for some color!)

Hope this helps, Alexa!  And I hope the rest of you start factoring SPF into your makeup routine too!

Do you wear sunscreen everyday?  What are your favorite products with SPF?  Got a question that you’d like to see answered on the blog?  Email me at!


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Beauty Review: Pantene Pro-V 5 Minute Strengthening Mask

I hope you all had a great weekend, because by beauty standards mine was AWESOME!  I discovered a seriously amazing beauty product and— bonus!— it costs less than $5!

The product I’m referring to is the Pantene Pro-V 5 Minute Strengthening Mask.

My new best friend… yay!

I have spent the last 2 years growing out my hair, and those years of dying, straightening, blow drying, and otherwise damaging my locks has split my ends and dulled my shine.  I’ve been looking all over for an affordable way to give my hair some oomph without having to cut it, and this is definitely it!

All you do is run the mask through your hair after shampooing, then leave it in for five minutes while you shave and rinse!  Your hair will be insanely silky and shiny!

Use the mask once a week if you have thin or fine hair; twice if your hair is thicker.  You’ll notice a difference from the first time you use it.  Convinced?  Get yours at for $4.49!

Have you tried the Pantene Pro-V Mask?  Is there another hair mask you love instead?  Got a homemade remedy that works in the same way?  Share below!


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