Hot or Not: Rompers

Rompers have been popping up all over the place in the last few months.  (In case you’re not sure what a romper is, it’s like a jumpsuit, but with shorts.)

Some rompers are super casual beachwear, like this one from Forever 21:

Others are much more dressy.  I love this one from Urban Outfitters.

And the majority are just cool alternatives to sundresses, like this floral option from Tilly’s.

I love the idea of rompers, but I’ve tried on a bunch of them and they don’t do my figure any favors.  Sigh.  But I want to know what you think!

Do you like the look of rompers?  Do you own a pair that you love?  Tell us where they’re from, or send me a photo at!


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Do you have a celeb crush? What about a girl crush?

I came across a hilarious story yesterday about two guys from Auburn University who started a website called  They made video blogs and eventually she caught notice.  Finally, after giving them a string of tasks, she showed up in their school auditorium and gave them a hug and a performance.

here they are… photo courtesy of

This is something that I wouldn’t find surprising, had these guys been in high school.  But they are in their 20’s.  And I mostly found it weird and hilarious in an awkward way.

The truth is, plenty of people have celebrity crushes well into their 20’s and beyond.  I will admit to an occasional surge of lust for actors like Adam Brody or Jake Gyllenhaal (sorry, Travis).  But when it comes to celebs, I’m more likely to have a girl crush than a guy one.

photo courtesy of ChicPhilA

Why can’t I be as stylish and kick-ass as Gwen Stefani?  Or as down to earth as Natalie Portman?

What about you?  Do you get celeb crushes?  Would you rather be a celeb or be with one?  Which stars or starletts are you currently digging and why?


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Your Questions, Answered: Decorating with color

Today I am answering a question from a reader, just like you!  Avid {blending beautiful} reader, Noel, writes:

We our closing on our new house tomorrow!  It needs some TLC; however, I lack inspiration. Maybe you can write a blog about redecorating with color?  We keep saying we want to use bold paint colors, but we always fall back to boring neutrals!

First, let me start by congratulating Noel and her husband on their new home— how exciting!!  Decorating a new place can be one of the most exciting aspects of a move, but it can also be one of the most daunting.

I try to think of paint in the same way I think of hair color: it might claim to be permanent, but it isn’t.  Even so, the time and effort of painting can be enough to discourage people from going bold.  That doesn’t mean that your house has to be blah.  Here are a bunch of cool ways to decorate with color in mind:

1) Try a feature wall, rather than painting an entire room a bright color. This has two benefits: it will keep the room from feeling dark and closed in, which can sometimes happen if you paint all four walls with a non-neutral.  Also, it’s much easier to commit to psychologically. Plus, it’s just so darn cool looking!  (If you have a fireplace, I recommend using that wall as a feature, since the eye will naturally be drawn there anyway.)

photo courtesy of Jolante.

2) Don’t want to commit to bright paint?  You can paint with neutrals and punch up the color with bright accents like furniture, art, a rug, or even fresh flowers.  There is little-to-no commitment with these items because you can switch them up as often as you’d like!

photo courtesy of Ikea

photo courtesy of design*sponge.

3) Make your neutral walls more interesting by adding a treatment to them, like this suede finish by Ralph Lauren.  The most important part of design is visual interest, and this is a great way to add an extra something to a room without straying from a neutral palette.

Hope this helps, Noel!  (And send me some before and after photos of your place, so I can see how it turns out!)

Do you have any other decorating tips that will help Noel and her husband add a little color to their new place?  Have a question of your own that you’d like to see answered on the blog?  Shoot an email over to!


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Hot or Not: two-toned eyeliner

Yesterday, we discussed the fun addition of colored eyeliner to spruce up a bold eye.  But I want to see what you ladies think of this look I came across on

This picture of Scarlett Johansson was taken over the weekend, and in the article I read, they were discussing how well she used a combination of pinks on her cheeks, lips, and eyes.  (I couldn’t agree more!  Also, isn’t her hair luscious?!)

But when they zoomed in on her eye, I was a little taken aback.  As you can see in the photo below, her makeup artist used a thick line of black on her upper lid, but opted for a reddish-brown hue along her lower lash line.

I’m dying to know what you ladies think of this combo.  At first, I wasn’t sure I liked it much. But the more I look at it, the more I can appreciate the fact that using brown liner on the bottom really softens this look.  (Especially combined with the shimmery shadow on the inner corner of her eyes— a classic beauty trick that really makes eyes pop!)

What do you think of Scarlett’s red carpet look?  Have you ever tried the black and brown eyeliner combo?  Do you think it’s appropriate for both day and night?  Have you experimented with any other eyeliner tricks or colors?  Tell me about it below!


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Check out this fun twist on a classic makeup look!

I am a big fan of natural, fresh-looking makeup, but I also think it’s fun to change things up every once in a while.  One of my favorite ways to do this is with a bold eye.

There’s no need to stick with brown or black— this season is all about pops of color.  Try lining your eyes with a teal, blue, or purple shade.  Don’t have an eyeliner in one of these colors?  In the photo below, I used an eyeliner brush to swipe a nearly-navy shadow around my eyes.

Here’s the look from far away:

And here is a closeup:

This look is subtle enough for daytime, and you can pump up the volume at night by adding false lashes or a few extra coats of mascara.  I wouldn’t recommend using red or pink liner around your eyes— it can give you a bloodshot look… not cute.

Remember the most important makeup rule: you only want to accentuate one feature at a time.  So if you’re going for bold eyes, keep the lipstick light and the bronzer or brush to a minimum!

Have you tried lining your eyes with colors other than brown or black?  What is your favorite color to use?  And send photos of yourself wearing your favorite colored liner to!


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